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I don’t want to put any limitations on humankind, so when I say that we, as a civilization, might be approaching the zenith of eye makeup, I do so cautiously. But still, the forthcoming recent cultural moments—from the runway to Olympic gymnastics—don’t lie. Get in on it while it lasts.


Not that anybody noticed while she was 683 feet in the air—because it was like “Wow, how??”—but Biles quietly brought the *editorial eye* to the Olympics/into homes across the world. That glitter liner is very Chanel Fall 2013, no? Photo: Getty

2. THIS NFL AD (???)

A girl who can do both—talk knowledgeably and passionately about sports and wear blue eyeshadow like nobody’s business. St. Vincent also does the Lord’s work for painterly makeup here, *while* playing the national anthem on electric guitar, we might add.



This is current-season Zara! S/O to whoever did the makeup, because just as the high-street store is scary-good at translating the runway’s sensibilities, so too was the MUA at SparkNotes-ing looks such as the two ahead.


Me, tonight. (If only I had the Saint Laurent velvet to match.)


This Dior haute couture is also me, but not tonight because I would probably get too tired trying to make the shapes symmetrical and have to lie down.



Name to know: Erin Ayanian Monroe, who paints the faces of the Fanning sisters and Bella Heathcote and has been doing the most masterful job of blending and adhering glitter to shimmery, slick lids. 


This is how the starlets are wearing their makeup these days, FYI.


There has been a definite uptick in posts featuring old-school images from The Face (RIP) and random editorials. Perhaps this, more than anything else, proves my Eye Makeup Golden Age theory, because when 1) everybody’s doing it all at once, and 2) everybody seems to be have the kind of pictures that get seared into your mind’s eye readily available, that has to mean this is an Important Period in Time, right? Right.

Blobby rectangle—what a shape.

What an eyeliner slash.

From: Marie Claire US