The Year Just Got ALOT Prettier With The Eminent Arrival Of H&M Beauty

Squealing in anticipation right now

The Year Just Got Prettier With The Soon Arrival Of H&M's Beauty Range

Photo: H&M

You might have squealed when you read the title. Well, we did too when we first heard about the news! After much anticipation, H&M has finally given the green light to haul their beauty products over to Singapore and will it be massive. The full range will be available in the H&M Orchard Building (whilst the make-up range will be stocked in the Raffles Place outlet later this year) and it will span over 700 products. The full-range offering is as beautifully overwhelming as the clothes. From make up, nail products and beauty tools, get ready to lose yourself over to a wonderland of colours and smells.

Until then, view the beauty range online, and, here are some nifty make-up tutorials to get you in the beauty-groove:

By James Lennon Tan

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