Now that the masks are off (for reals!), it’s time to adopt a full-time lipstick-wearing schedule. If you’re fretting about dry lips and having to reapply your lipstick ever so often, here are some steps you should take to help nourish and prep your lips so that it stays on for longer.

#1 Moisturise and exfoliate your lips

From left: Lip Sugar Scrub, $59, Dior; Pro Kiss’R Lip-Loving Scrubstick, $28, Fenty Beauty; Lip Polish, $28, Fresh; Lip Scrubtious, $34, M.A.C

Never pick at the dry flakes on your lips, as they may end up bleeding. Instead, try using a sugar scrub, which helps to soften the dry skin flakes before lifting them away gently. Use a lip balm or moisturiser to hydrate your lips and keep them from getting dry and flaky. Even better, turn to overnight lip masks to seal in the moisture, so that your lips are plumper when you wake up.

#2 Apply a lip primer

Use a lip primer to create a smooth base and help your lipstick stay on for longer. It can also help prevent feathering (when lipstick, especially the glossy kind, begins to creep outside the lip line) and bleeding.

#3 Use a lip liner

From top: Lip liner, $32, Anastasia Beverly Hills; Lip Cheat Lip Liner, $38, Charlotte Tilbury; Precision Lip Liner, $36, NARS

Using a lip liner not only helps define the outline of your lips, but also creates a barrier to prevent your lipstick from feathering or bleeding. Choose a lip liner in a shade which complements your lipstick choice. You can also opt to fill in the rest of your lips with lip liner before applying lipstick.

#4 Pick your poison

From left: TechnoSatin Gel Lipstick, $48, Shiseido; Rouge Dior Forever, $62, Dior; Rouge Allure Velvet, $62, Chanel; Rouge Hermés Totem Collection, $132, Hermès

There are many options for long-wearing lipstick these days, but if you’re using a lipstick in bullet form, it helps to apply the lipstick with a lip brush so the coverage is even. The lipstick can then reach and fill in all the little lines and grooves of your lips. Blot with a tissue to remove any excess product.