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Behind every successful man is a woman, but behind every successful woman is a tribe of females supporting and cheering them on. Inspired by the Michael Kors Gorgeous! fragrance, Mira Sianipar, Parveen Hassanbhai and Chetna Bhatt, talk about self-confidence, the women who’ve influenced them positively, and what makes a woman truly gorgeous.

Chetna Bhatt, Founder of Ashepa Lifestyle

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You moved all the way from Kenya to Singapore, what gave you the courage, especially since you knew no one here?

I think it’s just the way I’ve been brought up. My mother has always encouraged me to be very independent and to have strength inside of me, no matter what. It was a very important characteristic that she instilled in me since I was a child—be comfortable in your own skin, be confident and once you’re confident with yourself, you can talk to anyone.

I’ve spent six years in Singapore, and it has been such an incredible journey. If I wasn’t open to things that came my way or putting myself in the deep end and challenging myself, then I would never really get anywhere. It’s something that comes from the women in the family —from my grandma to my mother and to me. 

Do you see any differences in the women of the different countries you’ve lived in?

Women are such interesting creatures. We’re very powerful and intelligent and there’s so much we can give. Because I’ve been in different countries in different phases of my life,  I’ve learned different things based on where I was at that time. In Singapore, I learnt about [how to run a] business. There’s such a great support here—women want women to become better or they want to support them to be the best version of themselves. What has been consistent to me in every country is that woman have been there for me at every stage of my life. 

Who made the biggest impact in making you who you are today?

It always goes back to my mom. She’s a product of my grandma and she’s all about “work hard, take care of your family”. My mom has taught me you can be an absolute woman but you can also be smart and tough, and not lose your femininity at the same time. I’ve carried that with me throughout my entire journey in life.

What’s your impression of the Michael Kors Gorgeous!?

I would wear it as a daytime scent just to start the day. It’s like a mood-boosting scent and I love it. It’s got a nice floral undertone. This fragrance makes me happy and it does really make me feel gorgeous. 

Mira Sianipar, Fine Art Specialist

What does the word ‘gorgeous’ mean to you?

For me, being gorgeous has to come from both inside and out. If you feel happy and good about yourself, you’ll naturally feel gorgeous.

Do you see yourself as a confident woman?

I would say so. I think I’ve been confident since young but quiet confidence was something I learnt as I grew older. My brother introduced me to meditation; I also practise yoga and write in my gratitude journal and all these have contributed to having a sense of calm.

Who inspires you?

Maria Elena Rudolf— she was the Vice President for Art Stage Singapore back in 2018. She and her husband gave me the opportunity to do a fashion and art collaboration at the Art Stage Singapore Art Fair. I love how confident she is, but at the same time very nurturing. She teaches you without you realising it. She would bring me to events and guide me on my own learning journey without telling me, “oh you have to do this or that”.

What quality about her inspires you the most?

I think her love for herself, life, and people. She’s genuine and sincere, and there’s something about her that just generates positivity in others. You never feel that she has ill feelings towards anyone and her energy is just beautiful. 

What’s your first impression of the Michael Kors Gorgeous! Fragrance?

It’s very fresh but calming as well. It’s woody floral right? I love spice and oud, and this combination of woody and floral notes makes me feel really calm. It evokes positivity and at the same time, very feminine.

Parveen Hassanbhai, Freelance PR Specialist

How can one embody the word ‘gorgeous’?

When we use the word ‘gorgeous’, most of us think about outward appearances, like the clothes they’re wearing but I think it’s more than that. I think it’s about holding yourself together—mentally and physically. Anyone and everyone can look good, but it’s also about feeling good on the inside and knowing that you can leave the house with full confidence.

Has the pandemic had an impact on the way you feel or looked at life?

Mother Nature really made us self-reflect on everything that we’ve done. For me, I really felt that COVID-19 was a blessing in disguise in some ways. I am thankful for the lessons that it has taught, but at the same time I think we have to do whatever we can in our power to help the people around us.

I discovered during this time, while coming out of a relationship, that I am a lot stronger than I thought and there are so many people who love and support me.

Is there a friend who has been a source of inspiration for you?

My friend Gabby. We met at work six years ago and have kept in touch even after we’ve both left the company. She won’t be the person who’s holding up a banner and cheering you on in a stadium, but she will do it in her own quiet way to let you know that she’s rooting for you.

We really bonded over yoga three years ago. I had a bad first experience with yoga and she really encouraged me to do it again. She’s also constantly reminding me that yoga is not a competition with the people in the class and that everyone is on their own journey. This really set the tone for me for a lot of things — that we are all on our own journey.

I’m really proud of her own journey and passion for yoga. She took the plunge and signed up for a 200-hour yoga teacher course and started teaching yoga, and paving her own way for something she feels so intensely for.

What kind of emotions did the Michael Kors Gorgeous! evoke?

It smells a bit like my mom! I would say it smells sweet with a punch of confidence. It’s a floral woody fragrance but when you first spray it on, it’s all nice and sweet then –bam– a punch of strength and confidence, which is really nice. 

Hello Gorgeous!

The latest scent from Michael Kors is a celebration of women and their unapologetic optimism.

“I’ve been surrounded by strong women my entire life. Everything I do is a celebration of women, and Gorgeous! is a culmination of everything I love about the confident feminine spirit.”

Michael Kors

Created by perfumers Sophie Labbe, Laurent Le Guernec and Nicolas Beaulieu, Gorgeous! is a floral woody scent that represents every facet of a modern woman.

The fragrance opens with pink pepper, zesty bergamot and mandarin oils, uplifting your mood so you’re ready to take on the day with optimism. Bold florals burst into life, blooming into the tobbaco accord for the strength to take on whatever life throws at you. Cashmeran, tonka bean absolute, cedar, guaiac wood oil, styrax, bezoin and suede mellows the mind for quiet confidence and infinite sensuality.

Michael Kors Gorgeous! ($85 for 30ml; $120 for 50ml; $155 for 100ml) is available at Metro, Tangs at Tangs Plaza, BHG Bugis, One Assembly, Takashimaya, Michael Kors Mandarin Gallery Boutique and online.

Photographer: Natsuko Teruya
Art Direction: Windy Aulia
Stylist: Lauren Alexa
Makeup: Larry Yeo
Hair: Greg’O

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