SK-II’s first ever self-directed film series stars its newest Next Generation Brand Ambassador MINA from TWICE. (Photo: SK-II)

Raw, intimate and unscripted — if this reminds you of popular Netflix reality show Terrace House, you’re not too far off, actually. In SK-II‘s first-ever self-directed film series “PITERA™ & Me” by its newest Next Generation Brand Ambassador, we follow MINA from TWICE, a member of one of Korea’s hottest K-pop girl group, on her new life journey with the brand’s signature PITERA™ Essence.

This latest campaign, gives a fresh, new view point on how MINA is making the PITERA™ Essence an essential part of her beauty and self-care journey. (Photo: SK-II)

Filmed 24/7 in a vacation home, MINA shows us a raw side of herself never seen before on camera as she goes bare-skinned and gets up close and personal with a handheld camera in the film. Centred on her stepping away from the glitz and glamour of celebrity life for a well-deserved self-care break, the film shows MINA’s most genuine, pared down moments as she opens up on how she unwinds, slows down and takes the time to realign her priorities and practice mindfulness. While watching, we really appreciated the reminder that it is also time for us to put our foot on the brake pedal and intentionally take a break to re-centre and focus on ourselves. 

MINA, who admitted that she often doesn’t have much time for herself, muses honestly on how she is as a person. “In real life, I’m shy and I might be more plain and normal than you think,” she said, adding, “Personally, I think I’ve gotten stronger. When I feel down, I get over it. I realize that I’ve changed, I’ve matured. In the past, I used to worry before anything happened. If I show my true self, [I now know that] everything will be alright.”

Amid the polish and perfection of K-pop idols that we’re used to, it’s endearing and inspiring to see how relatable MINA is as she peels back the layers to reveal more of herself and her life to her fans in such a candid way.

MINA reveals a raw side of herself never seen before on camera — no script, no pretence, no makeup. (Photo: SK-II)

 I think it’s time to rediscover myself, skincare included.


Click on the video to watch MINA’s mini self-care break with SK-II.

Truly a campaign for Gen-Z led by Gen-Z, the personal, authentic feel of “PITERA™ & Me” and how MINA unveils a newfound sense of self alongside the start of her new skincare journey with the PITERA™ Essence has got us yearning to reflect on our self-care goals for the year ahead, grab a bottle of PITERA™ Essence and create our very own PITERA™ & Me story. 

Watch the film and let us know what you think! 

About SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

The SK-II PITERA™ Facial Treatment Essence is nicknamed “miracle water” and loved by millions of women around the world — celebrities such as Chloe Grace Moretz, Simone Biles, Tangwei, Ni Ni, Chun Xia, Haruka Ayase and Kasumi Arimura and Naomi Watanabe are all fans of this product — for its transformative power to Crystal Clear Skin. It contains over 90 percent PITERA™, an ingredient derived from a proprietary yeast fermentation process. Its composition is close to the skin’s Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs) allowing it to be absorbed quickly and deliver hydration to the skin.

It also promotes skin cell turnover, allowing the skin to renew itself every 28 days for healthier-looking skin. The essence is lightweight and leaves no sticky feeling even in hot and humid weather.

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