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In a time and age when visible results and minimal downtime are of utmost priority to women searching for a quick and powerful anti-ageing fix, it is no wonder that non-invasive youth-boosting technologies are increasing in popularity.

Enter the RF Nano Crystallize Hyaluronic Skin Booster Treatment by Mirage Aesthetic. This all-encompassing treatment combines the regenerative properties of multiple technologies for smoother, brighter and more sculpted features. For example, radiofrequency (RF) heat is employed to boost the penetration of essences applied so that skin cells reap maximum benefits. RF also heats skin tissue to a temperature range of 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, stimulating collagen and elastin fibres deep within the skin’s dermis to proliferate and tighten, resulting in firmer, plumper skin.

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To further boost the efficacy of skincare serums applied onto skin, a Nanocrystalline Injector is used, which works by pushing in essential nutrients via tiny, nano-sized channels without causing any damage to skin.

Next, LED Photon technology is utilised according to your skin type to target specific skincare concerns: Blue light is used to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and improve radiance, green light is used to reduce inflammation and diminish the appearance of enlarged pores, while red light is used to accelerate the production of collagen fibres to combat a loss of skin elasticity.

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Then, a Silk Protein Mask is applied to replenish skin with collagen peptides, oligopeptides and hyaluronic acid to boost moisture levels, strengthen skin’s barrier function and improve skin plumpness.

Lastly, the 5D Sculpture Lifting Protein Mask ensues to soothe and calm inflammation while enhancing skin tautness with absolutely no downtime.

mirage aesthetic


Priding itself on quality and customer-oriented service, Mirage Aesthetic specialises in non-invasive aesthetic treatments for instant results with minimal to no downtime, making it the go-to destination for busy individuals. The experienced team at Mirage Aesthetic believes in combining cutting-edge aesthetic technology with specialised skincare products from Korea to create personalised skincare solutions for its customers. For a top-to-toe experience, hair removal services, LED teeth-whitening and fat-freezing treatments are also available.

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mirage aesthetic
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Mirage Aesthetic is at #04-05/08 Orchard Parade Hotel, Tel: 6262 3358/78, SMS: 8240 3523; #03-20 Westgate Shopping Mall, Tel: 6266 0228/0268, SMS: 8240 3523.

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