To experience love via the olfactory senses is akin to smelling a field of blossoming roses, for this legendary bloom has long been associated with passion and sentiment. A flower like no other, it’s one that is also intrinsically tied to the House of Dior, for Monsieur Christian Dior was a couturier-perfumer at heart—and the bloom he held most near and dear was the May rose of Grasse. Also known as Rosa Centifolia or Rose de Mai, this singular bloom has now been incarnated into a sparkling, new fragrance in the Miss Dior franchise aptly christened ‘Rose N’ Roses’.

Like an ode to the timelessness of love and beauty, Miss Dior Rose N’ Roses captures the symbolism and essence of the May Rose in an irresistible juice bursting with a radiant and vivacious composition that evokes the imagery of an armful of fresh petals.

Endlessly blooming, it was intended by perfumer-creator François Demachy for the fragrance to impress upon the senses a plethora of roses perfectly ripe for harvest. He shares: “With Miss Dior Rose N’ Roses, I did not want to create a rose, but rather the incarnation of a floral profusion. I wanted to renew with that powerful feeling of ‘nature’, like when I was a child and first saw the fields of flowers blooming in May. The rose, for me, is precisely that wonderment. I wanted to be as close to the flower as possible.”

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Miss Dior Rose N' Roses
The May roses of Grasse. Photo: Courtesy

And what wonderment is it, for it inspired digital content creator Willabelle Ong to embark on a pursuit for love through the streets of Tokyo, where she navigates the bustling crosswalks and quiet alleys in her quest to discover love with Miss Dior. The experiential journey also sees her diving into this love story by exploring the various nuances behind the fragrance with a workshop hosted by François Demachy himself. Throughout it all, we trailed her much like the sillage of said perfume and had ourselves a tête-à-tête with Willabelle to learn about the great loves of her life, from her significant other to whom she is newly-wed to her deep affection for Miss Dior Rose N’ Roses.

What I love about Miss Dior Rose N’ Roses is… that it is ultimately a celebration of love, and who doesn’t adore the concept of love?

When I smell Miss Dior Rose N’ Roses, I feel… giddy in a good way, and I’m reminded of my first date with my husband.

I would wear Miss Dior Rose N’ Roses on… days where I need a boost of energy, or whenever I’m feeling happy and light, because life really is worth falling in love with.

My top tip for wearing fragrances is… to let it dry on your pulse points (e.g. wrist, neck, etc) and your hair. Avoid rubbing, as it will make the top notes disappear faster.

Meeting François Demachy, the creator of Rose N’ Roses, was… inspiring. He is talented beyond words but remains grounded, and talks about fragrances as being personal to each individual. I agree, scent is subjective, and with Miss Dior Rose N’ Roses, François Demachy wanted to evoke the powerful feeling of nature.

My takeaway from the Dior fragrance workshop experience is… to never underestimate the power of scent. It is the strongest connection to memory and can trigger different emotions. If you’re creating a fragrance from scratch, always remember to find the golden ratio, as a tiny amount of one ingredient can change a scent’s composition completely.

When in Tokyo, the ideal lovers’ spot would be… Ueno Park for an evening stroll, especially during sakura season – and then heading for a romantic dinner afterwards.

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You know you’re in love when… you want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

The best thing about being married is… knowing that you can get through anything with your other half by your side. The bonus? It’s basically a sleepover with your best friend every single day.

I’m at my most romantic when… I feel cared for and appreciated.

My plan for this year’s Valentine’s Day is… to spend quality time together as we always do, and just enjoy each other’s company.

For the sake of love, I would… fly to the moon and back!

Miss Dior Rose N’ Roses is available at all Dior counters, $137 for 50ml and $196 for 100ml.

Videographer: Zantz Han
Video Editor: Zantz Han
Producer: Willabelle Ong

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