MTM launches two new anti-pollution formulas to get skin healthy and radiant: Relieving Oil and Lightness Mix

With its philosophy of One Person, One Formula, MTM Custom-Blended Skincare focuses on offering  customised skincare solutions. After all, if no two persons are alike and everyone has a unique skin profile, shouldn’t your skincare be tailor-made just for you?

It’s no secret that our skin is constantly exposed to environmental aggressors like UV damage and pollution. And over the years, urban pollution has increasingly been causing more harm to the skin than ever. In fact, these pollutants—especially particulate matter (PM 2.5), not only damage the skin’s natural defence and cell regeneration processes but can also block pores, while increasing free radical damage and oxidative stresses. These can then lead to hyperpigmentation, inflammation, dehydration and allergies—all the premature signs of ageing you don’t want.

To combat all these, MTM has launched two new Custom-Blended Oils to be your skin’s saviours, protecting it against pollution by repairing and strengthening it for a healthier complexion from the inside-out.

The key active ingredient in both oils is an ECOCERT certified sugarcane-derived squalene. Its molecular size is similar to sebum, so it is easily absorbed to repair skin’s hydrolipidic film, while restoring its water-oil balance and boosting its natural protective barrier to keep the nasties out.


The Custom-Blended Lightness Mix contains phenylethyl resorcinol to inhibit skin’s
tyrosinase activity—responsible for melanin production, essentially preventing excess
melanin formation that can lead to hyperpigmentation. In addition, the use of
geranium, melia and pueraria extracts further prevents melanin accumulation
while protecting collagen within to keep complexion smooth, even-toned and
youthful. The lightweight texture absorbs easily and is suitable for combination and
oily skin types.


The Custom-Blended Relieving Oil is enriched with fullerene, a potent antioxidant that
protects the skin and keeps signs of ageing at bay. It also includes a trio of nourishing
oils—argan, borage and tsubaki seed, to deeply hydrate and soothe while preventing
the onset of wrinkles and other signs of photo-ageing. Its rich and silky texture is
better suited for drier skin types.

Both oils can be combined for day and night use to resist pollution and target specific problems like pigmentation and ageing.

The new Custom-Blended Oils ($126 each for 19ml) are available from MTM outlets: #01-04/05 Winsland House I and #03-21/22 Wheelock Place.
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