nicolas travis allies of skin
Photo: Courtesy of Allies of Skin

Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore: What is the story behind the name Allies of Skin?

Nicolas Travis: I’ve always found the word “allies” to be very powerful. No one can go through life without having allies and the word speaks volume without needing to shout. Just like how you would find and surround yourself with allies in life, I wanted a name that would convey how we’ll always have your back.

HB: Do you feel like there is a bias regarding local products in a market where every kind of international skincare line is available—from high to low-end?

NT: I think the challenge exists for any start-up trying to introduce a new concept and a new product. When it comes to the beauty industry, a consumer is spoiled for choice, so our challenge is: How do we cut through all the noise? We hope that through clean, honest, concentrated formulas backed up by clinical trials, our value will shine through.

HB: How receptive have consumers in Singapore been towards a skincare product from a local brand so far?

NT: The feedback and love we’ve gotten has been extremely positive! Many of our customers have said that they absolutely love the effortless simplicity and the results of the 1A All-Day Mask and are anxiously waiting for the rest of our products to launch.

HB: What goes into coming up with a skincare product?

NT: There are so many factors that go into making a product fantastic and a majority of them are pretty subjective. Besides the obvious efficacy; you have texture, smell, colour and product layering compatibility. We start with the product concept and the desired outcome which is the fun part. Then we do a deep dive into the delivery system, base and how we can make it as potent as possible. Then the tricky part is to ensuring it plays well with other products like sunblock, serums etc.

HB: Is there a specific target audience for the 1A All-Day Mask?

NT: I created the 1A All-Day Mask for the multi-hyphenate: The individual who is a parent, a spouse, a sibling, a go-getter and, while having to juggle all of that, wants to look and feel good too. All our products were created for and tested extensively on all genders from 20s-60s (with a range of skin types from sensitive to dry to oily to acne-prone).

HB: What makes the 1A All-Day Mask unique?

NT: The 1A All-Day Mask is the first treatment mask that you wear under makeup and sunblock. It is concentrated enough to be used on its own but plays well with all other products so you can layer your favourite essences and serums underneath it. It’s a multi-tasker in all senses of the word.

HB: If you could choose three words to describe your brand, what would they be and why?

Joy: We hope our products give you joy. The kind of gratuitous joy that feeling good about yourself brings.

Effortlessness: We believe taking care of your skin should be fuss-free and effortless. The best situations and people in life recharge you effortlessly and we hope our products recharge you and your skin.

Love: We love what we do and every product is a labour of love. We hope that love translates and that the end result is you loving yourself and the skin you’re in more.

By Tanvi Rajvanshi