Sure, she’s graced the cover of Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition and has an Oscar-winning boyfriend that she’s been vacationing with from Mykonos to Malibu—but really,Nina Agdal is just like the rest of us. Somedays she wakes up and just wants to eat a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich—and she gets it from her neighbourhood deli that knows her order by heart.

Over the weekend we caught up with the Danish beauty at Buick’s Envision Wellness Weekend in East Hampton, where she spent the day working out with her favourite trainer/model, Akin Akman. We had to know what else Agdal does to stay in supermodel shape—what does a swimsuit model eat in day? “On a good day or bad day?” Agdal asks with a laugh. Obviously we wanted to know both. “I get into a zone, so if I start my day healthy, I’m going to eat clean all day. But if I start my day with an egg sandwich, you can bet I’m gonna mess it all up,” Agdal told us before she divulged her ideal day of eating.

Healthy Day

Breakfast: 2% Fage yogurt with honey, a cup of coffee, plus a cup of Caudalie‘s draining herbal teas—I have to have that every morning.

Snack: Smoothie with peanut butter, bananas, blueberries. You have to have 11 blueberries every day, it makes your brain sharper—or I’ll have a green juice.

Lunch: Sweetgreen salad, I spend like $25 dollars there. I add chicken, eggs, cheese, edamame, corn, red onion and spicy cashew dressing.

Snack: Fage yogurt or a Quest bar.

Dinner: If I’m good, and I’m never good for dinner, I’ll skip dinner.

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Bad” Day

Breakfast: Egg sandwich from my local deli—as soon as I walk in they know my order: 2 eggs, bacon, cheddar cheese, extra toasted. Plus, I’ll order a smoothie with a lot of peanut butter, almond milk or cashew milk, no blueberries.

Lunch: Avocado and turkey sandwich from The Grey Dog.

Dinner: Spicy rigatone vodka from Carbone plus a caesar salad, mozzarella, and a dirty martini.

Dessert: Profiteroles but only if they’re really good.

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From: Harper’s BAZAAR US