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When it comes to luxury green beauty, Chantecaille instantly comes to mind thanks to its cult status. Hefty, heavy glass jars with silver or rose gold accents, skincare and makeup in the most decadent textures, it is the definition of luxe, right down to their ingredients list. As a brand, they place a high value on using concentrated amounts of natural botanicals to achieve their desired results. When their Future Skin Foundation and Pure Rose Water blew up a few years ago, Chantecaille has been going from strength to strength not only producing lush skincare and stunning makeup, but also giving back to the causes such as wildlife conservation.

Sylvie Chantecaille has been creating cosmetics for beauty giants such as Estee Launder before she and her daughter, Olivia Chantecaille decided to take things into their own hands, creating a namesake beauty brand that focuses on quality ingredients, sophisticated textures and philanthropy. BAZAAR spoke with Olivia for some insights into how and why Chantecaille has achieved this cult status and also their passion for giving back.

  1. Why is it so important to you to only include natural elements in your products?

They’re healthier for everyone, and also better for the environment because there aren’t chemical byproducts that wind up in the earth or in our water. Natural and botanical ingredients are just more harmonious for the body, they work with the skin and don’t affect change by shocking it, while still being effective.

  1. Many of your products contain a base of rosewater. Could you share with us about what’s so special about your key ingredient Rose de Mai?

It’s incredibly antioxidant rich and loaded with Vitamin C while also being really hydrating and soothing. Our star product is our Pure Rosewater—it’s the entire Rose de Mai plant, stems and all, distilled in pure artesian water. We use rosewater as a base for our skincare products so they start with a really nutrient base instead of just basic water, which is the conventional way to build a skincare formula.

  1. If there’s just one item from the Rose de Mai range you’d recommend to everyone, regardless of skin type and age, what would it be?

Our Rose de Mai Creme is effective for all skin types- it’s not heavy, absorbs immediately and has amazing brightening, hydrating and anti-aging powers. It’s ideal for young skin as a one-and-done cream if you’re looking to keep your skincare routine simple. Or it’s a great layering cream for more mature skin because it contains powerful antioxidant stem cells and has serious brightening power, plus it has a major peptides which target wrinkles to smooth them and refine the skin.

  1. Which is the one Chantecaille product that you can’t be without?

Our Pure Rosewater. I bring it with me everywhere. I spritz instead of having an espresso in the afternoon, I also reach for it if I feel a headache coming on, I swear it cuts through the fog and brings me back!

  1. Your Future Skin foundation is a cult favourite. What sets your foundation apart and why do you think it has become so popular?

It’s the way it feels on your skin—it feels like you’re not wearing any makeup. It covers so well, but since it’s oil-free and 60% water it makes your skin feel fresh and hydrated. It comes in 14 shades so it really works for every skin tone.

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20-year anniversary eye palette, Sylvie’s Palette where a percentage of proceeds go to the animals imprinted on the shadows. Photo: Courtesy
  1. Chantecaille has really revved up its wildlife conservation efforts in recent years. Was there a special epiphanous moment or is it something you’ve always wanted to incorporate in your business?

The philanthropy aspect was baked into the business from the very start. We’re such avid lovers of nature and animals, and we use so many natural ingredients, it just seemed natural (no pun intended) that we would find a way to give back to the earth somehow. Our first philanthropy palette was created in response to the problem of Monarch butterflies and their dwindling population. Ever since I can remember, butterflies would migrate to (my mother) Sylvie’s rose garden in East Hampton in the summer. When their visits grew extremely scarce, we were worried which prompted us to create a palette with a gorgeous set of butterfly eye shades that benefited the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, which was a great success. This opened our eyes to the exciting possibility that there was a way to fuse beauty and philanthropy.

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  1. Why did you choose this particular cause (wildlife conservation) to work towards?

We’re all connected—if elephants disappear, the ecosystem that relies on them dies, their land becomes a desert, which affects the world’s water supply and weather patterns. Conservation problems might seem far-flung, but the domino effect affects everyone. It’s at the core of our business to use our products and our voice to spread the word about all the needs of our planet and the countless animals, plants and ecosystems that desperately need our help to continue to thrive.

  1. What are your thoughts on the green movement/increasing eco-consciousness in the beauty industry?

I think it’s wonderful and everyone wins when we make more earth-friendly decisions. As a mother who is thinking of how future generations will care for the earth, it’s so inspiring to see that people are beginning to understand the impact we make on the planet, and are activated to make smarter choices.

  1. What sets Chantecaille apart from other green beauty brands?

The quality and integrity of our product and the constant innovation. Our instinct for seeing ahead of the trends—we know what women want, often before they do. We’re always the first to incorporate the latest advancements, both in our skincare and our makeup. When you use the highest quality botanicals and the latest lab developments, the results are superior in every way. Our customer sees that and it’s what keeps them coming back.


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