6 All-Natural Products For #NoFilter-Worthy Skin

Aiming for healthy, radiant skin sans makeup that deserves the #nofilter hastag? It appears that botanical oils are nature’s solution for that. Lightweight yet luxurious, a single drop of oil is concentrated with phytochemicals (plant-based chemicals) to effectively lock in moisture and rejuvenate battered cells to keep skin in tip top condition. For all the wonders that this power-packed skin food could do to your skin, of course it deserves a space on your beauty counter.

“Botanical oils contain essential fatty acids that are essential to the skin to help keep a healthy and radiant glow. In addition, the botanical oils also contain antioxidants that can help fight the free radicals in the environment, preventing environmental and external harm to the skin. Most of the botanical oils also contain natural vitamins that can nourish the skin,” shares Dr Lum Yang Xi, Medical Doctor from IDS Clinic, on the benefits of using botanical oils on the skin. The result? A naturally smooth and well-hydrated visage that glows in great health.

Generally, botanical oils are great for all skin types – even oily ones. The only tip you have to keep in mind is to test it out on your skin first before purchasing a bottle, and to use it as recommended. “It is essential to read and understand the product ingredients before one makes a hasty decision to try the product. This is because the differing ingredients in the products can affect the penetration of the products into the skin, affecting their efficacy,” Dr Lum points out.

She recommends patting a few drops into the skin after cleansing or after a shower because this is when the products and nutrients can penetrate the skin more effectively. If you have excess oil on your palms after application, Dr Lum suggests applying that to the ends of your hair. “That way, you get to control your frizzy ends,” she adds.

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By Syed Zulfadhli

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