Halal Nail Polish
Photo: MuslimGirl.com

Orly has collaborated with MuslimGirl.com on an inclusive collection of halal-friendly nail polishes.

The limited-edition collection is made up of six water-permeable nail polishes made “for Muslim women, by Muslim women” called #HalalPaint, according to Allure. The polishes are made from 100% halal ingredients as well as vitamin-enriched argan oil, and vitamins C and B5.

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Halal Nail Polish
Photo: MuslimGirl.com

This collection is a huge step forward in the beauty industry which MuslimGirl.com described in a post on their website saying that, “this collaboration with Orly is a major way that we are making space for diversity in the beauty industry.

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“There’s no reason why options shouldn’t be available for all women to practice beauty in the way that suits them and satisfies their needs. We’re not defined by mainstream industries, we’re redefining them.”

So what makes these polishes so different? Where regular nail varnishes create a barrier on the nails, preventing water from passing through, this new Orly formula is permeable to water and air, which enables users to take part in wudu or ablution – an Islamic ritual of washing areas of the body before prayer.

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Even the shade names have been carefully curated, incorporating popular names for Muslim women such as “What the Fatima?”,”Ig-Noor the Haters”, and “The Perfect Amani-cure”, named after the MuslimGirl.Com founder Amani Al-Khatahtbeh. You’ll also find “Haram-Bae”, “#MuslimGirlFire” and “Wallah Bro Wipe Out”.

Unfortunately the #HalalPaint collection is currently only available in the US but we’re hoping it’ll make it’ll way across to Europe soon.

In the meantime, watch the campaign video below:

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK