Natalie Portman fronts the campaign for the newest Dior Forever launches. (Photo: Dior)

What role does makeup play when most of our face is covered up? The pandemic may have dampened the inclination for a full face, but for those who have felt the power of cosmetics in boosting self-esteem and mood, it doesn’t kill makeup-wearing altogether. With a gradual return to a more social routine, and with mask-wearing still mandatory, it’s perhaps time to rethink our makeup routine to ensure that everything stays intact whenever the mask comes off. Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, shares personal tips and lets us in on how three new Dior Forever offerings can help you ace that base. 

Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup. (Photo: Dior)

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The pandemic has had an impact on everyone’s daily life in general, and it has influenced how people wear and buy beauty products. People stay indoors and work from home a lot more, so the focus is more on skincare than makeup. When people do go out, mask-wearing makes the eyes the focal point rather than the lips, so eye makeup has become more prominent. We’re also seeing a lean towards products that are transfer resistant, as well as application techniques that help products stay on flawlessly for as long as possible. 

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Does complexion-perfecting makeup still have a place at the table, given that everyone is still wearing face masks?

I think it does; the mask is a handicap, but we learn to live with it. Some of the inconvenience of makeup rubbing off is mitigated by efficient retouching routines—compact foundations have never been more popular. 

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Any tips on how to help makeup stay on and not rub off on masks? 

Apply your makeup in thin layers to slowly build up your look—that will help makeup last longer. The fit of your mask is also important: It should fit snugly on the face, but not so tightly that it digs into or presses against your skin, which would make for uncomfortable wear and also rub off your makeup. Make sure, too, that your sunblock isn’t too greasy, as it affects how foundation sits on the skin and its longevity. Another trick is to apply a thin layer of primer before your foundation. And be sure to pick a long-wearing one.

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The Dior Forever range recently welcomed three new additions, one of which is an intriguing “cushion powder”—essentially, loose powder in cushion compact form. Tell us more. 

Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF 20, $84 (Photo: Dior)

With the cushion powder, we’re aiming to give you the finest possible formula of loose powder in a packaging that’s easy to bring along when you’re on the go. The new cushion powder has a leg up on pressed powder because the formula is finer, more delicate, and the airtight cushion form keeps its extraordinary qualities intact. While it provides less coverage than your classic powder compact formula, it gives a magnificent matte finish without being cakey, and is a practical and efficient on-the-go product that helps to maintain your makeup look. 

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There’s also a new primer and mist—how do these fit into our makeup routine?

Dior Forever Perfect Fix, $68 (Photo: Dior)

The new launches complete your routine. The primer has an excellent formula that’ll give that extra support to your foundation—and I recommend the Dior Forever range’s fluid foundation, which isn’t too heavy and is buildable, so when applied in thin layers, you’re able to control the amount of product that you need to achieve your makeup goal. The mist, on the other hand, is the perfect finishing touch, gently setting your makeup so it looks fresh and gorgeous for as long as possible. 

Dior Forever Cushion Powder, $92 (Photo: Dior)