Pharrell Williams has long been the subject of memes about aging backwards. We get older, yet he looks younger. Now, not only is the Grammy-winner finally revealing his secret to youthful skin, he’s letting us all in on it with his new skincare brand Humanrace.

Out today, the singer-producer’s wellness brand Humanrace includes a trio of gender-neutral, sustainable skincare products dubbed the “Three Minute Facial.” “Humanrace Skincare doesn’t differentiate by race or gender,” says Williams. “We’re creating for humans; we are all born in the same skin and Humanrace celebrates this.”

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The first step of the facial is the Rice Powder Cleanser, which creates a foamy lather when mixed with water and is dosed with fruit AHAs. “We want everyone to get that alchemical sensation of watching something go from a powder in your hands, to adding water, and then the chemistry happens…the Rice Powder Cleanser turns into foam,” says the singer-producer. “Like magic, you feel that sensation on your skin.”

Time and time again, the star has credited exfoliation as the key to his age-defying skin. So naturally, the second product is the Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator. With eight percent glycolic acid, the exfoliator gently sloughs away dead skin cells to leave your skin even and glowy. The third product is the Humidifying Cream, which contains squalane for maximum hydration.

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Humanrace was created with Williams’s longtime dermatologist Elena Jones, and is a culmination of the decades of skincare advice he’s received from friends like Naomi Campbell. The supermodel apparently taught him how to wash his face in upward circles.

Pharrell admits that he didn’t care much for his skin before going to Jones. “She made me start to think about things differently,” he told GQ. “That’s when I developed my understanding that skin care is a necessity. Your face is the expression of your personality—you gotta take care of it.

In an interview with Gayle King in 2018, Pharrell says he has had to put in work for his awe-worthy complexion. “For us as men, people don’t think we pay attention to our skin and we have to,” he explains. “You have to exfoliate like a crazy man.”

All three Humanrace products come in a vibrant green refillable container (using 50 percent post-consumer recycled landfill plastic) that was inspired by Pharrell’s love of the Japanese culture. The entire collection is fragrance-free, vegan, and formulated to clean standards.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR US