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Healthy, beautiful skin is often defined as clear, plump, smooth and radiant, which explains why women are on an unending quest to find the perfect solutions to banish blemishes, replenish moisture and impart skin with an enviable glow. Designed to meet the needs of modern women who desire fuss-free routines that also promise visible results, Porcelain Face Spa’s latest Cryotherapy™ Intensive (For Balancing and Oil Control) Treatment is a one-size-fits-all facial that restores firmness and radiance without any downtime.

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To begin, your therapist double cleanses your skin to thoroughly get rid of any makeup, dirt and grime. Next, a gentle exfoliation ensues to deeply cleanse skin and remove dead skin cells to enhance product penetration. With your skin primed to absorb active ingredients, a Cryostamp device is then used to deliver essential nutrients deep within skin’s layers via galvanic technology. The device can also be adjusted to stimulate cell activity for visible skin brightening and reduce the appearance of pores and scars.

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Next, a custom-blended serum is massaged into the skin depending on your skin type: Those prone to oiliness will receive the Balancing Blend, while those with sensitive skin will be given the Sensitive Blend to restore skin to its optimal state. Finally, your skin is ready for the star feature of this facial, the Cryoprobe. Thanks to an upgrade in the device, the non-invasive Cryoprobe is more powerful than before with amplified benefits including improved cell metabolism, better microcirculation, accelerated detoxification and more effective skin firming. In addition, the Cryoprobe is also combined with iontophoresis, which emits a micro-current to further aid the penetration of the custom-blended serum into the skin.

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Once your skin has absorbed all the goodness of the products, the Porcelain Hydrocare Biocellulose Mask is applied to seal in moisture for smoother, plumper skin. And as it soaks up all the hydration from the mask, enjoy a pampering shoulder massage that melts away tension and aches. As a finishing touch, your skin is treated to a selection of skincare products to protect it from external aggressors like UV rays and pollution, so you emerge with a new-found glow.

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