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For skin to remain flawless and healthy, you need to give it some TLC from time to time, especially if it has been constantly exposed to the elements. There is only so much that makeup, no matter how expertly done, can help in this regard. Besides, if your skin is congested on the inside, makeup could end up aggravating the issue instead of helping, says Director Aesthetician and Co-founder of Porcelain, Jenny Teng. And that’s why she recommends Porcelain Face Spa’s Quintessential Facial. It’s to your skin what a healthy lifestyle and good detox is for your overall health.

The pride of the spa, this facial takes the idea of bespoke to a whole new level. The facial begins with a thorough skin analysis before the experienced therapists pick from various serums, tonics, ampoules and masks, even light therapy, to customise a treatment to suit your skin type and concerns. Then, a thorough cleansing routine and an intensive extraction session that rids skin of dirt, debris and dead skin ensues. Those who are tormented by the thought of painful extractions can rest assured because this is a process the spa has perfected over the years. Also, the therapists undergo stringent training before qualifying to perform extractions.

porcelain face spa

Porcelain Face Spa is based on the brand ideology that “healthy, glowing skin should be from the inside out.” This is why the initial focus of the facial is on freeing the skin of superficial congestion to ensure the deeper layers of the skin get the full benefit of the next few steps of the treatment where a concoction of elixirs go in deep to restore the skin’s equilibrium. Although initial post-treatment skin may show some redness, it subsides to reveal a smooth finish that will leave you yearning for more. Experience a reduction in the size of pores and acne scars, and more radiant, resilient skin that looks significantly healthier over time.

Porcelain Face Spa’s Quintessential Facial, priced $374.50 for 120 minutes

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