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Lay a solid foundation for good skin with efficacy-enhancing toners, lotions and essences that also target specific skin concerns 

Revitalizing Supreme+ Bright Power Soft Milky Lotion, $150, Estée Lauder

Photo: Estée Lauder

Tackling discolouration and dullness, this is powered by the brand’s signature 511AA Target Technology, a complex featuring beautyberry extract and vitamin C that inhibits melanin production and lightens existing pigmentation. Working in tandem is moringa extract, which not just stimulates skin cell renewal, but also helps neutralise free-radical damage. Meanwhile, a collagen-boosting complex helps improve skin’s firmness and elasticity. 

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Pure Shots Soft Polish Double Essence, $129, YSL Beauté

Photo: YSL Beauté

This bi-phase lotion gently exfoliates skin while giving it a quick hit of hydration. The aqueous phase works on a brighter, smoother complexion with lipohydroxy acid and alpha-hydroxy acid to boost skin cell turnover and rid surface dullness. The oily phase soothes and moisturises while helping to restore the skin’s barrier function with nutrient-, vitamin- and antioxidant-rich Moroccan argan oil. Shake well before use to ensure you’re getting the benefits of both compositions. 

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Intensive Treatment Lotion, $224, Tom Ford Research 

Photo: Tom Ford Research

This perks fatigued skin right up with a potent blend of extracts of white porcelain cacao, caffeine and gyokuro—a type of shaded green tea high in antioxidants. There’s also acetyl lipo-dipeptide, which has muscle-relaxing properties and reduces the look of expression lines, as well as lactic acid, which gently refines skin while boosting radiance— making this product a true all-rounder that leaves skin looking and feeling revitalised. 

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