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Meghan Markle possesses the head of hair so many of us want; long, strong and notably glossy.

Naturally curly, the actress and future royalty typically wears her locks straightened and then styled in waves which fall into three camps: effortlessly undone, full-bodied and bouncy, or sleekly polished.

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As with much of her approachable beauty, achieving a similar look is easy. We asked Lesley Drummond, a senior stylist at John Frieda Salons, how to recreate it at home:

The wavy blow-dry

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1. For people with Markle’s hair type [thick and naturally curly], first use the Color Wow Dream Coat to protect the hair from succumbing to frizz caused by the weather.

2. Blow dry your hair and wrap sections around large Velcro rollers to set loose waves.

3. Remove the rollers when the sections are completely cooled and rake your fingers through your hair, parting it in the centre.

4. Gently tong the ends of hair to slightly enhance the waves.

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The side-parted siren waves

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1. Again, apply a product like the Color Wow Dream Coat to smooth the hair and ensure extra shine.

2. Use a large brush to blow dry the hair in sections and run your straighteners over it afterwards to smooth any strays.

3. Part the hair low to one side, giving the style a more exaggerated look.

4. Tong the lengths and ends in relatively large sections to create full waves.

5. Brushing your hair around to the opposite side of your parting, pin the hair underneath to keep it in place.

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The bouncy curls

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1. To create this style, first blow-dry the hair and then put sections into Velcro rollers to get both volume into the roots and curly ends. (If you don’t have rollers, secure the sections in pin curls using grips).

2. When removed, break up where the rollers have been by rake-combing the hair with your fingers.

3. As you do this, spray through a texturising product like the Color Wow Style on Steroids, for sexy, undone separation and to give spring to the curls.

4. Finish by tonging the ends for more defined, glamorous curls.

Of course, it would help to have a stylist on stand-by, but we’re assured these are both easy to achieve ‘dos. Plus, they’re perfect for party season.

This article originally appeared on Harper’s BAZAAR UK