Robot Botox
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Regular Botox? Old hat, apparently. Now ‘Robot Botox’ is the request on every injectable enthusiast’s lips.

Dr Esho, a cosmetic doctor with clinics in London and Newcastle, coined the phrase to describe the “revolutionary” way to administer ‘natural’-looking Botulinum Toxin injections using a tool called the Juvapen.

“With Botox, the approach should always be that less is more,” Dr Esho (somewhat ironically) tells us, yet injecting a little well is harder to do than being heavy-handed. “Even as a master injector the smaller the dose, the harder it is to be accurate,” he adds, noting that the Juvapen solves that problem.

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A study conducted by Dr Bou Saab (PhD, University of Geneva) in 2016 indicated quite a significant difference between manual and Juvapen injection accuracy. “This is particularly important when injecting areas around the eye,” Dr Esho explains.

Other benefits of ‘Robot Botox’ include the promise of reduced pain and bruising, given that the needle itself is smaller. But the benefit of Juvapen’s simplicity could be bitter sweet. It’s easier for practitioners to use, so it doesn’t necessarily require a highly skilled professional to administer it. Cue alarm bells.

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“Going to see a skilled practitioner will reduce the amount of bruising and swelling,” Dr Esho affirms. “However, the Juvapen minimises this risk even further and prevents over-dosage, so it’s great for practitioners who are just getting started and who want to make sure that the dosage they are administering is super accurate.”

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As with all anti-ageing advice, it pays not to cut corners. We recommend booking in with Dr Esho, or aesthetic doctor Dr Jules Nabet who both use the Juvapen and rank in the top Botox practitioners. Or – in the pursuit of ‘natural’ – hold off and keep things that way.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK