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Five million people keep up with Sara Sampaio every day on Instagram – and with good reason: amidst the behind-the-scenes photos from Victoria’s Secret shoots with fellow Angels, red-carpet snaps and enviable travel pictures, she treats everyone to some serious beauty inspiration. A true hair and make-up chameleon, the Portuguese model pulls off everything from dark gothic lipstick, beachy waves and slicked ponytails to completely bare-faced selfies. We caught up recently with the Moroccanoil beauty ambassador to test out the brand’s new sun collection. Here, she shares some of her favourite beauty tips:

1. She washes her hair every day

“With my hair, I only need two things: A good haircut and a good conditioner. If I don’t have any time to do anything else, I’m good to go. I work almost every day and when I get home, I have a lot of products in my hair. The one thing that I hate is going to bed with my hair dirty with products because then it gets onto my skin and I start breaking out, so I tend to always take a shower at night before I go to bed. If you’re lazy, or you’re like ‘I can do one more day without washing my hair,’ I’ll do a messy ponytail and use dry shampoo for texture. What I love about dry shampoo is that I have dark hair and a lot of dry shampoos [show] white.”

2. She never sticks to one beauty look on the red carpet

“The thing I love about red carpets is that you get to try so many different things–you can completely change your style. There was a while where I was doing a lot of sleek, straight hair with a middle part. Lately, I really love mixing it up. I’ll go with beautiful waves, or I’ll do a high pony for something more dramatic. That’s what I love about the red carpet because if I don’t have time, I tend to just leave it out. Keep it simple.”

3. She can’t live without this one beauty product

“I really love highlighter. Benefit Watt’s Up. When I’m going to events I’m like ‘More highlighter!’ Before I leave the house, I’ll put on a little bit more. I love when you just turn and the light hits and it looks very healthy. Even if you don’t have time to do a full make-up look, do a little highlighter on the cheek, under the brow bone, and in the corner of your eye. It really lights up your face and makes you look fresh. That’s the best thing I’ve learned and always go to.”

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That sunset light ☀️

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4. She indulges in body treatments

“I do a lot of massages. I don’t do facials because I do believe that less is more. I’m an anxious and stressed person, so my shoulders and neck and back get really tight and really sore, so I have to get massages. I get a lot of foot massages. I have a physical therapist and she does my massages. It’s not as relaxing as other people think. You’re in pain. But afterwards you feel like you have a new body.”

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What would you be if you weren't afraid?

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5. She changes her beauty routine with the seasons

“I definitely moisturise more [in the summer]. You should actually moisturise more in the winter, but I get so lazy in the winter. In the summer, your skin is going to be out, so [I] really moisturise it and try to make up for my lazy winter. And, I tend to cut my hair a little shorter because it’s pretty hot. And [I wear] sunscreen. I usually go for the Moroccanoil Face Lotion, I put it all over my body even though I tan really easy, I burn really easy as well.”

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That gothic princess look 👸🏽

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6. She uses hair oil daily

“I love to use Moroccanoil Treatment Original. I use it every day and usually after showering and even if you shower at night. I’ve actually used it for years before I became an ambassador. I always travel with a small travel size. You never run out of it.”

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Back shooting with my @victoriassecret fan ❤

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