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On today’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian and her even tinier sister Kourtney visit the Cuban home of author Ernest Hemingway, who liked to talk almost as much as they do. Whilst touring his estate, Kim learns she has something besides verbosity in common with the writer.

While in Hemingway’s bathroom, Kim and Kourtney’s tour guide Isbel points out his scale.

“You see the scale there?” Isbel asks. “He’d check his weight almost every day and take notes on the wall.”

“That’s like me!” Kim says.

“You did the same?” Isbel asks Kim.

“Yeah I do,” Kim tells Isbel. “That’s cool.”

And there you have it! Kim Kardashian and Ernest Hemingway: Distant Soul Mates. (I’d watch the f*ck out of that movie.)

From: Harper’s BAZAAR US