Hot on the heels of John Legend’s latest SK-II hit, “Oh Pitera” comes the newest episode of #PiteraMasterclass starring Naomi Watanabe and James Corden. Now if anyone can have that much fun kneading rice in a sake brewery, it’s this comical duo—with the help of a Pitera master, of course! Watch as they discover the secrets and history behind SK-II’s miracle ingredient that powers the brand’s best-selling Facial Treatment Essence.

SK-II Pitera Masterclass Facial Treatment Essence - Feel The Hands - Naomi Watanabe James Corden 2
Naomi Watanabe and James Corden discover SK-II’s miracle ingredient in the newest episode of Pitera Masterclass

What makes Pitera the key to crystal clear skin, you ask? Firstly (and most instantly realised) is that it intensely hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. A teaspoon amount on palms, gently pressed onto skin is all you need for starting your journey to crystal clear skin. Throughout the day, this helps to balance the skin’s pH levels and stabilise sebum secretion on both oily and dry areas, so your sunscreen and makeup stays right in place.

As for its long-term effects, this moisturising elixir works on the inner layers of skin to restore all five dimensions of complexion clarity: Tone, wrinkles, texture, firmness and radiance. Containing more than 90 percent Pitera, this essence not only resets skin’s natural renewal cycle for optimum self-regeneration—so skin becomes more resilient over time; it helps with existing signs of ageing and delays any more to come. Think younger, stronger and crystal clear skin in a bottle…who wouldn’t want that?

SK-II Pitera Masterclass Facial Treatment Essence - Feel The Hands - Naomi Watanabe James Corden 2
The anti-ageing efficacy of Pitera Essence, evidenced by the smooth, young hands of a veteran sake brewer

BAZAAR’s tip: For the perfect mid-day skin pick-me-up, we suggest keeping a travel-size Pitera Essence in your bag or at your desk, and pat a few drops onto your face to recharge that glow.

Watch more episodes of the #PiteraMasterclass on SK-II’s Youtube Channel, including one where actress Tang Wei teaches James Corden how to speak Chinese while they share their beauty tips and skincare regime with Pitera Essence.

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