SK-II’s New Smart Store Will Take The Stress Out Of Duty-Free Shopping

The skincare brand's new store in in Changi Airport's Shilla Duty-Free Shop

SK-II Future X Smart Store Travel Retail

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Nothing takes the fun out of shopping like a time-crunch. For example, imagine this: your flight is boarding in 10 minutes, but you’re still scurrying down the aisles of the duty-free counters at the airport, trying to find the items you promised your friend you would get. The stress is mounting, and you know that if you spend another minute searching, you will be dangerously close to missing your flight – yet, this may be your only chance to snag these products tax-free for the next few months.

Sound familiar? For beauty lovers, stressful situations like these can come up whenever you’re taking a flight – after all, we are always eyeing new products, and duty-free prices serve as great incentives to shop. Thankfully, Japanese skincare brand SK-II has come up with a way to solve this conundrum for jet-setting shoppers taking off from Singapore.

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The new Discovery Bar in the SK-II Smart Store. Photo: Courtesy

The brand debuted their new Future X Smart Store in partnership with the Shilla Duty-Free Shop in Singapore Changi Airport – a new retail concept with technological features meant to make shopping quicker and easier by solving some common shopping problems. For example, cosmetics stores often carry a multitude of products, resulting in aisles full of similar looking bottles – making it hard to quickly locate the product you’re looking for. To counter this, the new SK-II Smart store has a ‘Discovery Bar’, which not only provides shoppers with information about new products, but also helps them locate whatever they are looking for within the store with one touch, without the need for a store-wide hunt.

On top of that, if you have a picture of the product on your phone (saved from Instagram, no doubt), then the store’s ‘Smart Product Scan’ feature will come in handy, using image recognition technology to identify and locate the product you want. To make your search even quicker and easier, the new ‘Skincare GPS’ can signal specific shelf lights to light up on command, alerting shoppers to their desired products with just one look.

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The Smart Product Scan feature. Photo: Courtesy

With a store like this, duty-free shopping can be quick, easy, and completely stress-free, so never again will you have to run up to your boarding gate panting and out of breath – leaving you more time to make wonderful travel memories with your loved ones.
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