We feel you. There are days when inertia will not let us leave our beds to do an extensive 10-step skincare routine, even though we know that our skin will thank us the next day. But, thanks to advancing technology and incredible Korean innovation, your skincare routine is not only getting simplified, but fun too! These innovative skincare products boast potent ingredients, and promise instant results while providing an interesting texture and experience for the users at the same time. It’s literally play time for adults!

1. Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum

Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum
Photo: Glow Recipe

Blithe is a Korean skincare brand on the forefront of innovation. Their pressed serum is serum and moisturiser hybrid. It has the high concentration of active ingredients like a serum would plus the blanketing and hydrating properties of a moisturiser. Basically, it’s a lazy girl’s dream! The Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum also has a peculiar texture, similar to pudding that turns into a watery emulsion upon contact with the skin. The formula boasts 60% Tundra Chaga mushroom extract, that’s high in antioxidants and a coveted anti-aging ingredient.

2. Blithe Patting Splash Mask

Photo: Blithe

Blithe simplifies a skincare routine every further by creating a new way to mask. The Patting Splash mask comes in a bottled liquid form. As the name suggests, to use this mask, you mix a capful of the liquid with water and splash it on your face. Blithe suggests using it even in the shower, patting the liquid on your wet face. It tingles thanks to a concentrated blend of acids and botanical extracts. The splash mask claims to give the same results a regular sheet mask would give, except in takes less than half the time and is so much more fun.

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3. J. One Hana Cream

J. One Hana Cream
Photo: Glow Recipe



Don’t mistake these for pearls, though they certainly look like them. J.One is a brand created by Korean actress, Ha Ji-Won. The line features elegant, simplistic packaging and “all-in-one” type formulas catered to dry skin. The J.One Hana Cream comes in this unorthodox form to help us apply the perfect amount each time. One capsule is just right for one application. The formula boasts ingredients like fullerene (famous for being an oxygen magnet), shea butter and niacinamide. These nourishing little balls of hydration leaves us wondering if more brands will jump on the spherical train because it certainly takes the guess work out of our skincare routine.

4. May Island Bubble Bean Cleanser

May Island Bubble Bean Cleanser
Photo: Glow Recipe



Speaking of all things spherical, Korean skincare seemed to be filled with them now. The May Island Bubble Bean Cleanser comes in a cute mason jar mug, filled to the brim with colourful little “beans”. Not to be confused with a jar of sweets, though we recommend keeping this away from the kids. Each bean transforms into a cleansing foam when it is crushed and ran under water. Each colour targets a specific skin concern. It’s godsend for jet-setters who won’t have to worry about liquid restrictions and of course, très cute.

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5. Lindsay Modelling Masks

Lindsay Modeling Mask
Photo: Glow Recipe

If you want your skincare routine to resemble an art project, you can now mask Papiermâché style. The Lindsay Modelling masks come in sealed plastic cups, resembling a cup noodle. Inside, the mask ingredients are reduced to powder form and are activated with water. The formula turns into nutrient-rich goo that you spread all over the face. Word of caution: You will look like a swamp monster, so refrain from opening the front door while you wait for the mask to dry. After which, it peels off, satisfyingly, in one piece. This method of masking prevents nutrients from evaporating and penetrates the skin deeper. Plus there is a plethora of flavours to choose from.

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6. It’s Skin Cookie And Body Ice-cream

It's Skin Body Ice Cream
Photo: Sephora
It's Skin Body Ice Cream
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Ice-cream for your body? It can’t get anymore delicious than this. The hand and body moisturiser comes in a cute tub, resembling (naturally) a tub of cookie and cream ice-cream. It comes in flavours like mint, original and strawberry. The cookie chips inside the cream melt into the skin as you massage it in. It looks adorable and smells even yummier. On top of that, it actually moisturises your skin using ingredients like shea butter and argan oil. Hence it isn’t just decorative but completely FUNctional.

By Hanan Haddad