7 Anti-Pollution Beauty Products To Protect And Energise Your Skin

Bid adieu to dull skin once and for all. By Joyce Cheo

The effects of environmental pollution have been the subject of countless health and anti-ageing studies. Apart from causing damage to our respiratory health, urban pollution like UV rays and air pollution particles also accelerate the ageing process of our skin. When our skin is exposed to UV radiation and air pollution particles, free radicals are set off a chain reaction within skin cells as they are highly reactive. As a result, inflammation occurs which are in turn presented as dullness, hyperpigmentation, weakening of skin’s barrier function, a loss of elasticity and wrinkles. To neutralise these hazardous effects, your first line of defence is sun protection, which is why sunscreens are widely regarded by dermatologists as the most important anti-ageing investment.

However, according to research conducted by SkinCeuticals, sunscreens are only able to negate about 50 per cent of damage done by free radicals, leaving our skin to do the rest of the work. And while healthy skin is able to do so naturally, this ability also decreases with age. This, in turns means that your skin needs additional help in the form of antioxidants.

Widely found in most skincare products, antioxidants have the ability to neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals, which make them essential in skincare products targeted at various skincare concerns, including brightening, anti-ageing and even calming because they better equip your skin to fight inflammation and stay young and healthy. However, not all antioxidants are created equal as some are less stable than others and easily lose their efficacy once exposed to air or water. Moreover, antioxidants are only able to neutralise specific free radicals. This means that just because the products you are using contain one or two antioxidants means you are totally covered. As a result, it is important to look for products that have a wide range of antioxidants so they are optimally effective.

Here are the products packed with antioxidants with great anti-pollution properties.

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