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Best Brightening Moisturiser: BMF Bella Marie France Phyto Illuminator Cream, $160

It’s no surprise that many women in Singapore rank a clear, radiant complexion as one of their top skin goals. After all, we are exposed to harsh UV rays all-year round, making us more susceptible to photo-damage and pigmentation.

Thankfully, cultivating good skincare habits can help take you one step closer to your ideal skin. For example, daily application of sunscreen protects your skin from the hazardous effects of UV exposure, while using a good topical cream can help correct existing photo-damage and reduce the appearance of pigmentation.

As melanin production occurs at the basal layer of the skin, active skin-brightening ingredients need to penetrate deep into the skin’s layers to work effectively. BMF Bella Marie France’s Phyto Illuminator Cream incorporates a unique special niosomal delivery system that transports its active ingredients right to the heart of the skin cells.

Botanical antioxidants work synergistically to inhibit the overproduction of melanin, fight free radicals and speed up skin repair for a more even-toned and clarified complexion.

Available at all BMF Bella Marie France centres, including #10-01/02 Orchard Gateway @ Emerald,
#01-200/201 Marina Square, #01-502 Bishan Central, #01-04 Income Tampines Junction, #B1-52 Nex Mall, #B1-60/61 & #02-21/21A Jurong Point Shopping Centre and #01-03 Parkway Centre

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