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Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen SPF 50, $58, Sigi Skin

If you’re only putting on one skincare product for the day, make it a sunscreen. Better yet, make it the Sigi Skin Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen SPF 50 which hydrates and protects your skin against ultraviolet rays and free radical damage.

Developed using the most advanced Korean skincare technology, this lightweight sunscreen features a vegan formula that contains avocado extracts that are rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, as well as acai extracts to counteract the effects of the sun’s infrared rays to retain your skin’s youthfulness. Meanwhile, niacinamide offers moisturising and brightening benefits so that your complexion stays beautifully soft and supple. 

Superfoods for the skin

These antioxidant-rich ingredients are like superfoods for the skin. Free radicals, which exists in pollution particles, are produced as a by-product of the body using up oxygen—essentially unstable molecules. In order to stabilise themselves, they end up taking electrons from nearby skin cells and rendering damage to these cells’ DNA.

Over time, this oxidative stress can weaken cells, and eventually lead to premature ageing, manifesting in dullness, dehydration, loss of skin elasticity and fine lines. Antioxidants can counter the effects of oxidative stress, as they readily give up their electrons, taking the damage for the cells. This is why it’s important not only to protect skin against UV damage but also to apply antioxidants topically to defend against free radical damage.

Don’t start your day without it

Free from parabens, sulphates, and artificial dyes, Morning Glow is a multi-purpose physical sunscreen comes with a non-greasy finish that absorbs quickly and even doubles up as a lightweight moisturiser and makeup base. Active ingredients zinc oxide and titanium dioxide form a 100 percent physical sunscreen that’s not only gentle on sensitive skin, also safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. The best part? It doesn’t leave a white cast as most physical sunscreens do. After all, the best sunscreen is the one you would enjoy applying every day.

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