Best Day Creams With SPF Protection For Fuss-Free Mornings

Because who wouldn’t appreciate an extra 5 minutes in bed? By Joyce Cheo & Elly Chaw

The world we live in is a fast-paced one and as a result, we’re so used to multi-tasking in every aspect of our lives. From replying emails while at lunch to catching up on our favourite TV series on our daily commute, it seems as if we simply never have enough time as our to-do list keeps getting longer. No wonder we expect everything we consume to be fast and efficient, including ready-made meals and, yes you guessed it, multi-tasking beauty products.

Regardless of your preference for shopping in stores or online, it’s easy to observe that the beauty market is flooded with every type of product imaginable. Yet, all-in-one skincare and makeup are becoming increasingly popular as modern women look for uncomplicated products for a pared-down approach in order to save time. Here are 12 skincare-makeup hybrids that hydrate, protect and even correct the appearance of your complexion in one simple step (just be sure to apply 20 minutes before sun exposure for maximum protection against harmful UV rays)

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