The Best Skincare And Makeup That Protects Skin Against Blue Light Damage - Featured

Blue light, or High-Energy Visible Light (HEV), is usually emitted by the sun. In small dosages, blue light is actually useful for eliminating Propionibacterium acnes bacteria which causes pimples. So why all the fuss about blue light damage? The problem doesn’t stem from being exposed to it, rather the long hours we subject our skin to it.

The sun may be the the biggest emitter of blue light, but not its only source – mobile phone screens, computer monitors and even regular fluorescent lamps all emit some form of blue light. HEV Light can travel deeper than UVA, and cause oxidative damage, along with hyperpigmentation so it’s essential to give your skin protection against blue light damage.

Here are our picks for the best skincare products that protect against blue light damage:

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