The Best Skincare Tips For Preventing Maskne

Getting pimples from wearing masks? You're not alone

The Best Skincare Tips For Preventing Maskne -Featured

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With mask-wearing being the norm, more people are experiencing acne in the areas covered by it. Mask acne, or maskne for short, is a very real problem that comes with frequent mask-wearing.

What causes maskne?

A few things happen when you don a mask–there are contact points on your nose, cheeks, and chin area that will end up rubbing against the mask and causing irritation to the tiny hair follicles on your face and acne flare. There is also increased humidity, which creates an environment where the P.acnes bacteria, the pimple-causing bacteria, can thrive.

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Even if you don’t have pimples, you can end up with other skin conditions like eczema, dry patches, stinging, burning, or redness as a result of frequent mask-wearing. The ideal solution is, of course, not wearing a mask, but that’s not really an option during the pandemic so here’s how you can prevent maskne.

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