Photo: Decorte

The title ‘beauty icon’ is bestowed upon famous faces with mere casual consideration these days, but if anyone deserves the crown it’s the enigmatic Kate Moss.

While the world has witnessed her endless guises as a model, Moss is known for revealing little of her personal life – including that of her beauty regime. But now she’s partnered with prestige skincare and colour cosmetics brand Decorte, the Super has exclusively shared some of her secrets with us.

Currently serving as global brand ambassador for the Asian beauty brand, Moss was an instant fan, having said she can “really see a difference” in her skin since using the products. Below she reveals more to us about her streamlined beauty routine and quick-fix skin tricks.

Kate Moss
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“The ice plunge is the best trick I’ve learnt [to mask tired eyes and perk up the skin]. Fill a sink or a bowl with ice cubes, cold water and slices of cucumber and hold your face in for as long as you can, it instantly reduces puffiness and tightens up your skin.

“I love how my skin feels and looks after a weekend in the countrywith fresh air and lots of rest. As I spend so much time wearing a lot of make-up at work, I tend to keep it simple when I’m not. [Also,] I do like to have a facial and massage when I can.

“My nighttime routine is very simple. For skincare, I absolutely love the Decorte Meliority range, I wash my face with the Repair Foaming wash which is gentle but super effective at removing all traces of the day, followed by the Intensive cream.

My daytime routine is also simple, I apply another favourite, the Vitality Tincture, to give my skin a glow, the Soft Powder Foundation and a bit of bronzer.

“On a flight, I use the Decorte Slim & Firm masks to hydrate my skin. It’s great for intense hydration.

“My favourite Decorte product is the Vitality Tincture, it just makes your skin look and feel amazing. I don’t know how but it just works! I’m obsessed with it.”

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK