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After a close to a decade of reviewing beauty products for a living, it’s inevitable that I learn a thing or two about choosing the right products for my skin. And the truth is, not everything works for you. Otherwise, not everything works as well for everyone. So I’ve come to be quite good at knowing which brands and products work best for me, down to the specific ingredients. And what could be better than giving your skin exactly what it needs? However, not everyone has the time to navigate through the mind-boggling array of products available for purchase in stores or online.

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Which is why it’s always good to get professional advice. Some people get it when they visit their derms while some through their facialists. But if you (like me), have serious commitment issues when it comes to beauty, you’ll be glad to know that Kiehl’s now offers a commitment-free sampling program,where you get an one-on-one skin consultation service with a friendly Kiehl’s Customer Representatives (KCR).

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Kiehl’s friendly Customer Representatives

Every KCR is not your average beauty consultant. For starters, each of them undergo an intensive education program where they learn about key ingredients used in Kiehl’s products and their efficacy. Moreover, with customer service at the core of their training, KCRs prioritise providing solutions for each individual customer’s skincare, body care and hair care needs, so you can be sure that you’re in good hands. After all, Kiehl’s was first founded in 1851 as a classic old world apothecary, where personalised skincare was “prescribed” based on expert one-to-one consultations and this heritage lives on today through the KCR’s expertise.

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During this session, the KCR will assess your skin condition and find out more about your lifestyle and your skincare-expectations before “prescribing” a routine that is best suited to your personal needs. And in line with Kiehl’s “Try Before You Buy” philosophy, you’ll receive customised samples which you can bring home to try, with no strings attached.

Kiehl’s is giving out customised samples as part of their #LetUsChangeYourSkin campaign

All you have to do is sign up for a short skin consultation service here, to be part of Kiehl’s #LetUsChangeYourSkin campaign. And while there’s no pressure to buy anything, there’s some good news if you do decide to make a purchase because you’ll be receiving up to 4 complimentary travel-sized products of your choice with $120 spent. Plus, you’ll also score a lifetime membership to Kiehl’s Friends-Of-Kiehl’s loyalty programme.