Here’s how you can tighten your pores with the right choice of skincare products.

Splashing your face with cold water, steaming your face, using astringent toners – these are some things you may have tried while trying to figure out how to tighten pores and get your skin looking smoother.

Contrary to belief, pores don’t open or close, they are an essential part of the skin that helps sweat and sebum to reach the surface of the skin to cool it down, or to hydrate it. Simply put, there’s just no way you can get rid of them but you can definitely tighten pores to make them look smaller.

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There are certain factors that contribute to the enlargement of pores, which can affect the skin’s overall texture and glow. When there are impurities on the skin, they can clog pores and over time, cause them to look larger. Sebum which has oxidised in the form of blackheads can also draw attention to the pores, and make them appear larger. As we age, skin around the pore loses elasticity and can be stretched out due to sagging, giving the appearance of enlarged pores as well.

Reducing large pores is more than just dealing with the size of the pores itself, but improving the overall condition of the skin. Here are some ways you can help tighten your pores.

#1 Cleanse Well

If you’re wondering how to tighten your pores, the most important step is cleansing. Impurities in the form of dirt or makeup left on the skin can end up clogging pores and enlarging them over time. If you wear makeup, it’s wise to do double cleansing with a cleansing oil, followed by a gentle face cleanser.

You should not be experiencing any skin tautness, although it gives the impression of being squeaky-clean, as this means that skin has been stripped of its hydration.

#2 Balance and Tone

Toners serve a few purposes and are key in helping to tighten pores. Traditionally, toners were used to balance the pH level of skin as cleansers would leave skin more alkaline when its natural pH is more acidic. Modern toners can do anything from infusing skin with more hydration to gentle exfoliation so that it’s able to receive all the active ingredients in the products which follow in a skincare routine.

#3 Boost Your Serums

Essences and pre-serums are sometimes overlooked, but they make up an important part of a skincare routine to tighten and minimise appearance of large pores. Formulated to be absorbed quickly, these essences and pre-serums also help to boost the efficacy and absorption of the serums which follow in your skincare routine.

#4 Pick The Right Serums

Serums contain potent ingredients that target specific skin concerns like pigmentation, dehydration and most importantly, sagging skin. Tighter skin means tighter pores and when it comes to reducing the appearance of pores, ensuring that skin has a healthy supply of collagen and elastin to stay firm, means that pores aren’t as likely to stretch out.

#5 Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen

Even though it might seem unrelated, applying sunscreen is actually the most important step when it comes to how you tighten pores. Ultraviolet light from the sun damages skin and without protection, can exacerbate skin problems and accelerate skin ageing. Daily sunscreen applications can help maintain skin health and youthfulness, thus helping to keep pores tight, as well as preventing the formation of pigmentation too.

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