spa awards 2016
Photographed by Emma Tempest. Styled by Florrie Thomas

1. Best Anti-Aches Massage

Spa Symphony
Classic Massage, $128.40 for 60 minutes

Tucked away in the confines of a bustling shopping mall, this is your respite after a long day of retail therapy. The therapists here have years of experience under their belt and are keenly attuned to customising treatments to each and every preference. Tension and aches in your muscles are sure to melt away as your therapist performs a blend of massage techniques to lull you into a restful state.

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2. Best Bamboo Massage

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental
Oriental Bamboo, $270++ for 90 minutes

Synonymous with the highest level of service and luxury, everything about The Spa at Mandarin Oriental tantalises you—from its natural palette of earth tones and lacquered panels that allow sunlight to stream in, to its indulgent treatments. And the massage surely delivers. Warm bamboo of varying lengths are kneaded and rolled over worn out muscles, forming a rhythm that encourages total relaxation while alleviating aches.

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3. Best Deep Tissue Massage

Chi, The Spa
The Singapore Heritage Massage, $185 for 60 minutes, $270 for 90 minutes

Aptly named after our tropical island, this massage fuses the best of Asian massage techniques and features long, deep strokes for a holistic therapy. Those who suffer from insomnia will love the Relaxing Oil, which combines rosewood and chamomile for ultimate relaxation, while weary souls will prefer the Rejuvenating Oil which is a blend of geranium and grapefruit.

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4. Best Aromatherapy Massage

Scent Balance, $150++ for 60 minutes

Stressed-out minds will love this balancing treat. After picking out your choice of essential oil, your therapist uses a calming massage technique called effleurage, which mainly uses the palms to circle your muscles, thereby warming them and improving circulation. Plus, the futuristic décor of the spa also incorporates light therapy for complete relaxation.

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5. Best Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Estheva Spa
Chakra Stone Massage, $195 for 90 minutes

Treat yourself to 90 minutes of unadulterated bliss. Using naturally formed lava stones (which are said to induce calmness and balance the body’s energies), this energising massage also uses acupressure and shiatsu techniques to detox, relax your muscles and improve circulation so you emerge fully rejuvenated.

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6. Best All-in-One Pampering Treatment

Auriga Spa
Full Moon Signature Experience, $440++ for three hours

Fans of the calming rose will rejoice as the bloom is used extensively throughout this treatment, aimed at restoring balance. Commencing with a foot massage with rose oil, rose petals and a rose oil-infused salt are then used to exfoliate the skin. Next, a deep cleansing rose wrap replenishes skin with minerals and moisture before a relaxing massage is performed to deeply rejuvenate your senses. A gentle lymphatic facial then ensues, using acupressure points and rose crystals. The rose-filled journey then concludes with rose tea, tonics and supplements so you emerge feeling completely at ease.

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7. Best Innovative Massage

Adeva Spa
Triplex Massage, $192.60 for 60 minutes

Why settle for one when you can have three? Combining three different massage techniques, namely Shiatsu, Tuina and Swedish, your therapist utilises her fingertips, palms and elbows to perform a mixture of acupressure, pressing, kneading and gliding strokes to undo muscle knots and relieve aches and fatigue.

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8. Best Thai Massage

Banyan Tree Spa
Asian Blend Massage, $220++ for 60 minutes, $290++ for 90 minutes

Relieve your body of stress and tension with these medium to strong pressure oil-free massage that is heavily influenced by traditional Thai massage. The therapist focuses on using her palms and thumbs to stimulate your body’s pressure points. Some light stretching and twisting is to be expected and needless to say, you’ll walk out with a new lease on life.

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9. Best Therapeutic Treatment

Banyan Tree Spa
Thai Ginger Healer, $500++ for 150 minutes

Designed to offer a holistic healing experience, your body is first exfoliated with fresh ginger, which—along with the herbal heat compress that follows—relaxes your muscles and warms them up in order to reap the full benefits of the Yoga Massage. With a combination of gentle stretching, the Yoga Massage melts away aches and tension, while improving circulation and joint flexibility. This pampering treatment ends with a relaxing aromatic ginger bath, while you take in the expansive views of Singapore from your 55th floor spa-suite—absolutely divine!

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10. Best Firming Massage

Lush Spa
Lush Anti-Aging Body, $215 for 110 minutes

Slightly off the beaten track, Lush Spa is a quiet haven that serves up no-nonsense therapeutic treatments favoured by athletes and equestrians. What sets this massage apart is that it not only irons out the kinks and knots in your muscles, it also aids with detoxication. Plus, only Décleor products are used, and unique techniques incorporated, to boost skin elasticity for firmer, smoother skin.

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11. Best Drainage Massage

One Beauty Spa
Acu-Meridian Point Massage, $128 for 60 minutes

Designed to clear blockages in the body’s meridian points, this ancient healing therapy uses acupressure points to regain normal flow of “qi” through the body. This is said to regulate blood circulation and stimulate the body’s immune system for total wellbeing.

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12. Best Quick Fix Massage

Feet Haven Reflexology
30-minute Foot Reflexology with 30-minutes Shoulder & Neck Massage, $55 for 60 minutes

With a tongue-in-cheek service menu (Shiok Feet Express and Shiok Basic Blend, anyone?) and experienced therapists, one step into this hidden gem and you’ll realise why they are often fully booked. Therapists take a fuss-free approach, so don’t expect frills, but they sure know what they’re doing—your aching muscles will thank you for this respite.

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13. Best Foot Massage

Lacquer & Spa
Foot Reflexology, $65 for 60 minutes

Have a love-hate relationships with your sky-high stilettos? Give your feet some much-needed pampering as you recline in a plush massage chair. Expect to regain joint mobility, improve blood circulation and relax tense muscles. The benefits of foot reflexology don’t stop there—the improved circulation helps boost overall wellbeing for the entire body as well.

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14. Best Hangover Cure

Willow Stream Spa
Calm Mind, 60 minutes

If you’ve had too much to drink the night before, check yourself in to this balancing treatment. Designed to promote restful sleep, organic lavender oil is used to massage your body from head to toe. Peppermint is also used to normalise your body and mind, so you will feel at ease at the end of the hour.

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15. Best Jet-Lag Recovery

Damai Spa
Targeted Healing Treatment, $223++ for 90 minutes

A favourite among frequent-flyers, this fatigue-fighting therapy involves deep kneading techniques to alleviate stress, while undoing knots from muscles. With a focus on the neck, shoulders and back,
it optimises energy flow for instant tension relief.

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16. Best Anti-Cellulite Treatment

ClearSK Group
Cellulite Buster, $198 for 45 minutes

Poor lymphatic drainage, sluggish blood circulation and water retention are all common factors that can lead to the formation of cellulite—which is harder to get rid of than the shedding of extra pounds. ClearSK uses a combination of radio frequency, rolling motion vacuum and infra rays to promote the drainage of toxins while stimulating collagen remodelling to take you one step closer to dimple-free skin.

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17. Best Detox Experience

Dermacare Medispa
Detox & Revive, $208 for 60 minutes

An unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle can cause toxins to accumulate in your body, resulting in dull skin and a chronic feeling of lethargy. Give yourself a quick pick-me-up as this treatment begins with a skin polish consisting of finely ground olive grains. Your body is then treated to a massage using a detoxifying serum before a body wrap helps flush out toxins, leaving you energised and refreshed.

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18. Best Organic Experience

Damai Spa
Damai Orchid Massage, $225++ for 90 minutes

Calling all chemical-phobes! This all-encompassing body treatment uses natural products from the June Jacobs Spa Collection. Free of parabens, preservatives and sulphates, a double exfoliation is followed by a soothing massage for softer skin and a tension-free body.

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19. Best Body Shaping Treatment

Clarins Skin Spa
Stubborn Curves Solution, $185 for 60 minutes

A sedentary lifestyle can result in stubborn adipose tissues accumulating around the abdomen, waist, hips and arms. Developed to help you bid adieu to these unwanted curves, this body-shaping treatment uses pinching, rolling and kneading techniques to stimulate the breakdown of fatty deposits, while the range of Clarins PRO products used helps boost drainage and improve skin elasticity.

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20. Best Zen Experience

COMO Shambhala Urban Escape
COMO Shambhala Massage, $140 for 60 minutes

Book yourself a session for some much-needed me-time as this nurturing massage aims to improve general wellbeing by rebalancing your body and mind. Using COMO Shambhala’s signature blended massage oils, each session can be customised to your areas of discomfort and stress, leaving you feeling thoroughly rejuvenated.

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21. Best Body Wrap Experience

Coast to Coast, $150 for 60 minutes

Skin is first thoroughly cleansed with a Himalayan salt scrub before a seaweed wrap draws impurities—which also doubles up as a treatment to smoothen cellulite and improve skin texture. Skin is also doused in essential nutrients and minerals to help improve its hydration levels and metabolic function for a body wrap with a difference.

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22. Best Invigorating Massage

Ginseng Body Massage, $280 for 60 minutes

Ginseng has long been used in traditional medicine as a remedy for fatigue and lack of vitality. To help revive tired muscles, this therapy combines revitalising massage techniques with a massage oil that combines sunflower oil, rice bran oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E, fortified with ginseng extract. See and feel the difference as you regain that spring in your step while skin texture is improved.

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