spa awards 2016

Gorgeous brows can give a natural lift to your face, add colour to your complexion and beautifully define your features. Erabrowlogy achieves just that by constructing brows that perfectly frame the face.

This holistic brow service, specifically catered to Asian face shapes is customised to elevate your unique beauty. The brow shape designed for you will showcase your best facial features, and the colour of the pigment will complement your skin tone and hair colour.

Erabelle employs a Soft Shading Technique that creates a polished and sophisticated look while remaining gentle on the skin. Using a German-made micropen that helps deposits more refined pigments just below the epidermis, the brow artisans at Erabelle recreate perfectly drawn, yet natural looking brows. In addition, this micropen also helps achieve precise and consistent results.

This exceptional brow construction service includes a pre-treatment mask to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum for better colour retention, as well as an aftercare kit that consists of an after-care cream, cleansing water and calming mask to soothe the skin during the colour-settling process. With proper care, and a full course of four colour services, you can have perfect arches for up to three years.

spa awards 2016


1. Tailored Brows

Rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach, these brows are specifically tailored to bring out the best in your features. Their length, thickness, shape and colour will be designed by experienced brow artists to enhance the harmony of your features.

2. Safety First

With great emphasis on hygiene and safety, Erabelle ensures that micropen tips are not reused, and micro-colours are certified allergy-free and non-toxic, making it safe for the skin. A patch test is also done before the procedure to prevent any possible skin reactions.

3. Specialised Technique

Catered specially for Asian with sparse eyebrow hair, Erabelle’s Soft Shading Technique will fill in the gaps and for an everyday, natural look. Plus, it is also semi-permanent, giving you the liberty to change the shape and colour of your brows to suit your evolving needs.

Erabrowlogy is $1,314 for 4 sessions of 90 minutes each. Available at Erabelle, #01-06 to 11 VisionCrest, Tel: 6836 8388; #02-01/02 VivoCity, Tel: 6376 8336; #02-05 Bugis Junction, Tel: 6883 1151. For more information, visit

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