spa awards 2016 best face treatments
Photographed by Emma Tempest. Styled by Florrie Thomas

1. Best Express Facial

DRx Medispa
Cryotherapy, $350 for 15-20 minutes

Combining micro-needles and cold iontophoresis technology, this breathes life into dull skin. One lunch-time session is all it takes to speed up cellular regeneration and aid the penetration of skincare actives for an instant glow.

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2. Best Luxurious Facial

Timetreasure Perfecting Facial, $280 for 80 minutes

The Sulwhasoo Spa reminds you that it’s possible to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life while being bang in
the middle of it. Incorporating ancient Korean beauty rituals passed down from the Joseon Dynasty, each treatment also uses aromatic oils infused with Korean medicinal herbs, and unique massage tools to restore harmony to your mind. This lavish skin treat packs Korean Red Pine extracts to meet the demands of mature skin for smoother, firmer skin.

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3. Best Shaping Facial

SWUK Aesthetics
CACI Luxury Non Surgical Face Lift, $267.50 for 90 minutes

Touted as a workout for facial muscles, this non-invasive treatment employs microcurrent technology to enhance lymphatic drainage, blood circulation and the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Facial contours look and feel more toned while the absorption of skincare products is also improved.

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4. Best Clarifying Facial

DRx Medispa
Essential Facial Plus, $250 for 90 minutes

Living in the tropics means we are often plagued with clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads. This must-try treat vacuums clogged pores, thanks to its DERMA-INFUSER machine, which removes stubborn dead skin cells with its crystal tip. Skin is then treated to an antioxidant infusion before customised serums and a hydrating mask are applied to reveal clearer, healthier skin.

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5. Best Instant Results Facial

Amarin Spa
Radiance Renewal Facial, $200 for 75 minutes

Featuring replenishing botanicals, probiotics and natural Swiss botanical stem cells, this facial detoxifies and calms skin, stimulates collagen synthesis and boosts cellular metabolism for plumper, more resilient skin in just one session.

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6. Best Revitalising Facial

Skin Inc
Oxy Miracle Infusion, $190 for 45 minutes

To begin, skin is treated to an oxygen bath, where a special jet applicator emits a saline-oxygen mixture at supersonic speed. This gently lifts surface dead skin cells, thereby preventing the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Next, your therapist infuses a personalised blend of Skin Inc serums and mineral-packed Onsen Thermal Water from Japan to accelerate cell renewal. Microcirculation is also stimulated and skin clarity, improved.

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7. Best Deep-Cleansing Facial

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental
Aroma Clear, $320++ for 75 minutes

Suitable for oily, congestion-prone skin, this intensely purifying facial incorporates galvanic current technology to lure accumulated grime, dirt and excess sebum out of hiding. Skin is then doused in hydrating and soothing actives while using microcurrent to boost product absorption and stimulate cellular repair for a plump and radiant glow.

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8. Best Skin-Healing Facial

Stem Cell Facial Treatment, $368 for 120 minutes

Featuring D’skin’s potent Phyto Stem Cell Concentrate, this rescues damaged skin with its stem cell-rich serum from argan fruit and Swiss apple. With specialised massage techniques and the application of German technologies like ultrasound and impulse therapy, this is your go-to therapy for stressed out skin.

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9. Best Anti-Blemish Facial

Spa Esprit
Simple Pimple Plan, $214 for 75 minutes

Utilising ingredients that are the worst enemies of blemishes, this zit-clearing facial first begins with an AHA peel to purge clogged pores before a mineral kaolin clay mask draws out impurities and excess sebum. A lymphatic drainage massage further helps rid skin of toxins, while witch hazel and horsetail provide astringent properties for a clearer, breakout-free complexion.

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