spa awards 2016
Photo: Nathaniel Goldberg for BAZAAR

1. Best Relaxing Massage

Heavenly Spa
Recharge, $230++ for 75 minutes, $250++ for 90 minutes

Designed to provide a much-needed respite for the exhausted, this treatment includes a deep tissue massage to help soothe and ease tight and aching muscles. This all-encompassing treat also includes a pressure-point detox facial and an energising foot massage to leave your man feeling rejuvenated and recharged.

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2. Best Sports Massage

Lush Spa
Lush Golf, $198 for 90 minutes

Ideal for reviving over-exerted muscles, knots and tension melt away as you are lulled to a deep slumber with this deep tissue massage. That’s not all. It also comes with a Décleor face spa, feeding skin with vitamins and nutrients to repair sun-induced damage.

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3. Best Facial Grooming

We Need A Hero
Complete Shave, $65 for 45 minutes

Inspired by traditional barber shops, this all-in-one service has all the works. First a hot towel compress softens facial skin to prep it for a clean shave before a facial scrub is applied to loosen dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hair. Next, a relaxing facial massage stimulates circulation before a cool towel leaves your man feeling completely refreshed. Be warned, he will be back for more.

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4. Best Deep-Cleansing Facial

Willow Stream Spa
Gentlemen Detox Facial, 60 minutes

Sebum production is higher in men’s skin as compared to women’s, making them more susceptible to clogged pores. So why not treat your man to an urban getaway at the sprawling Willow Stream Spa? Featuring a spa-grade peel and a purifying mask, cell renewal is boosted, while accumulated gunk is purged for a clearer, fresher complexion.

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5. Best Anti-Ageing Facial

Essence Vale Spa
Advance Cell Repair, $180 for 90 minutes

Designed to address multiple signs of ageing—wrinkles, loss of elasticity, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dryness included—this result-oriented facial is also customisable to suit all skin types, including those with sensitive or oily skin.

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6. Best Body Toning Treatment

Urban Homme
Beer Belly Trimming, $185 for 45 minutes

Designed to transform a less-than-perfect paunch to a more toned abdomen, your experienced therapist uses a special probe to massage away wobbly bits for a firmer silhouette. Plus, this all-male sanctuary provides a comfortable and inviting ambience for complete relaxation before or after the treatment session.

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7. Best Hydrating Facial

Spa Elements
Cocoon Premium Therapy, $513.60 for 90 minutes

Ideal for rough and dehydrated skin, this anti-stress fix envelops skin in a customised cocoon mask that aids in the purging of toxins while replenishing skin with much-needed moisture, leaving it full of vitality.

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8. Best Brightening Facial

Homme Esthetique
RevivalPLUS Skin Treatment, $402 for 90 minutes

A sluggish complexion gives way to an energised one, thanks to the use of a gentle fruit acid followed by a potent dose of polyphenols to improve skin health and resilience. An exclusive face lift massage also stimulates the elimination of toxins and excess water while supporting collagen production to diminish signs of sagging.

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