spa awards 2016

Get a post-vacation glow while just luxuriating on a spa bed. This advanced facial will detoxify and revitalise your skin, wake up tired peepers, and melt away stress.

Put simply, this facial restores your skin’s natural ionic balance for multiple anti-ageing benefits. After cleaning and exfoliation, lymphatic draining is prompted by a high-tech Indiba Capacitive Electrode to expel toxins, purify the skin and reduce any water retention or puffiness. Then, the Indiba Resistive Electrode increases skin’s internal temperature and revives it from within. Skin reclaims its luminosity and elasticity, while dullness, pigmentation and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

To end your treatment on a blissful note, a soporific Thermal Facial Massage and a relaxing shoulder massage are performed. These massages boost microcirculation and the delivery of nutrients to skin cells. They also lull you into deep relaxation so that you emerge from this treatment utterly rejuvenated.

spa awards 2016


1. Glow From Within

This facial doesn’t just work on the surface of the skin, it penetrates the deeper layers to detoxify and restore cells for more visible and long lasting benefits. By restoring skin’s ionic balance, it gives lacklustre skin the radiant glow of health.

2. Powerful Youth Worker

It targets multiple signs of ageing in a single session. It restores skin elasticity to reduce wrinkles and sagging, lightens pigmentation, and lifts fatigue around the eye area for visibly rested look after a single session.

3. Prompts Deep Relaxation

This advanced restorative treatment is not only non-invasive and painless, it is extremely indulgent and luxurious. It even includes soothing facial and shoulder massages to restore you after a stressful work-week.

Proionic Facial is $406.60 for 90 minutes. Available at available at Porcelain Origins, Porcelain Signatures and Porcelain Face Spa. For more information, visit

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