spa awards 2016

For the most natural lift, re-educate your muscles to defy gravity on their own. A beauty secret of stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Linda Evangelista, this non-invasive, needle-less and painless facial shaping treatment will give you A-lister facial contours and cheekbones.

This two-step treatment begins by toning the face with micro-currents that mirror skin’s natural bio-electric field, to re-educate muscles, boost blood circulation, and increase the production of collagen and elastin. Unique electro buds also douse skin with an Instant Firming Serum that penetrates deeply, thanks to the low intensity electrical impulses.

For more dramatic results, Capacitive Radio Frequency (CRF) helps to strengthen the skin tissue and stimulate collagen production. Penetrating deeper than typical radiofrequency technology, it achieves optimal anti-ageing benefits. Sagging cheeks, drooping eyes, frown lines and wrinkles are visibly corrected for a stunning facelift.

spa awards 2016


1. Red Carpet Lift

It’s the go-to anti-ageing treatment of A-listers. Jennifer Aniston loves it, and Jennifer Lopez and Linda Evangelista are such great fans that they even have their own system at home.

2. Ultimate Anti-Ageing

During this treatment, all 32 facial muscles are re-educated for a complete facelift. It also stimulates cells to produce more collagen. These anti-ageing results are not only more natural, they last longer.

3. Safe And Painless

Originally developed for medical treatment and currently used widely in physiotherapy for wound healing, this treatment is safe and effective. It will visibly correct sagging skin, wrinkles and frown lines without discomfort. In fact, all you’ll feel is a slight electrical tingling.

CACI Luxury Non Surgical Face Lift is $267.50 for 90 minutes. Available at SWUK Aesthetics, #02-25 Alexandra Centre, 321 Alexandra Road, Tel: 6250 1326. For more information,

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