spa awards 2016

Bathe skin in a soft sheen with this cutting-edge facial. Whether you’ve just returned from a summer, or winter, vacation; are going through a particularly stressful period at work; or simply not clocking enough hours of shut-eye, this facial will restore your skin to healthy, luminous beauty.

It begins by flushing skin of impurities and debris for a soft, even glow. Next, your skin is treated to an antioxidant bath to neutralise free radicals that cause cellular and DNA damage. Tired parched skin is then resuscitated with an intensive dr.dream Hydramemory Deep Active Moisturizer that is massaged into your skin with an advanced RE10 device for deeper penetration. A sheet mask will then lock moisture and key ingredients in.

To enhance these anti-ageing benefits, LED Light is applied to stimulate collagen production, improve skin’s barrier function and retain active ingredients from these high-performance skincare products. Fatigue, fine lines and other imperfections will be lifted off for visible post-treatment results.

spa awards 2016


1. Lifts Off Fatigue

One of the best treatments for tired and overly stressed skin, this facial soothes inflammation with intense hydration and powerful free radical fighters. It also evens out your skin tone and infuses your complexion with radiance.

2. Forestalls Ageing

With a slew of super antioxidants and cutting-edge LED Light Therapy, it helps prevent premature ageing and visibly turns back the clock. Fine lines, wrinkles and dullness are visibly reduced.

3. Pure Translucence

It lifts off grime, dead skin cells, toxins and free radicals for unprecedented purity. Once free of these impurities, your skin will function better, heal faster and absorb skincare products more effectively as well.

KKUM Snow White Facial is $588 for 45 to 60 minutes. Available at Dream Plastic Surgery Clinic, #17-03/04 Paragon, Tel: 6871 8888. For more information, visit

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