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Make this your go-to treatment for immaculate skin. Whether you want to remove fine facial hair or simply desire smoother skin, KKUM Laser-Threading Facial will fix your facial hair and beauty woes by reducing the appearance of pores, retexturising your skin and illuminating it, effortlessly.

Like threading, this effectively removes facial hair for a smooth and even complexion. However, unlike threading, it uses high-tech Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for longer lasting results. After a thorough cleansing and facial shaving, your therapist makes use of a pneumatic suction device to extract impurities in order to unclog pores. Next, the application of a numbing cream preps your skin for the IPL treatment. This light energy is directed to heat hair pigments and reduce unwanted facial hair cells by destroying hair follicles. Another key benefit of this treatment is that it shrinks pores for porcelain-smooth skin.

After the IPL, your skin gets a final cleanse before being cocooned in a high-performance serum bath and dr. dream cosmeceuticals for flawlessly smooth, supple and hydrated mien.


1. Effective Hair Removal

Since this laser threading treatment uses heat from IPL to destroy unwanted hair cells, results last longer than regular threading. Repeated sessions will deliver permanent results for hair-free, silky smooth skin.

2. Diminishes Flaws

Besides reducing facial hair, it also refines pores, lifts impurities, reduces acne and prompts accelerated rejuvenation. The best part is that results get better with each subsequent treatment. Post-treatment, makeup goes on smoothly and stays on for longer.

3. Advanced Technology

A high-tech alternative to traditional threading, its combination of IPL technology and dr. dream cosmeceuticals delivers dramatic anti-ageing benefits in a short time. With no downtime, you’ll emerge an hour later with lustrous skin.

KKUM Laser-Threading Facial is $588 for 45 to 60 minutes. Available at Dream Plastic Surgery Clinic, #17-03/04 Paragon, Tel: 6871 8888. For more information, visit

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