spa awards 2016

Think of this treatment as one that gives lifeless skin timely CPR. Featuring a powerful duo of carbon dioxide laser and LED therapy, it helps nip ageing in the bud and breathe new life into skin.

The key technology in this programme is SmartX Lite, a skin-transforming carbon dioxide laser delivered via a cutting-edge airbrush microspray. An ideal fix for mature, wrinkled and weather-beaten skin, it instantly stimulates cellular renewal, enhances skin texture and elasticity, and blurs out imperfections. Fine lines, acne scars, visible pores and crepey undereye skin are painlessly smoothened out.

The SmartXLite is complemented with an LED Red Photomodulation that helps to speed up skin healing. This advanced light therapy stimulates collagen renewal and slows down collagen breakdown. Besides achieving smoother skin with less noticeable pores, it also has a visible hydrating and lifting effect. Repeated sessions will subtract years from your age.

spa awards 2016


1. Needle-less Facelift

Two advanced non-invasive technologies SmartX Lite and LED Red Photomodulation work in sync to prompt cellular renewal and collagen synthesis. Slackening skin is instantly firmed up and lifted, including the delicate under-eye area.

2. Airbrushed Skin

Wrinkles, fine lines, pores and scars are smoothened out simultaneously. Over time, imperfections fade away to unveil a flawless and crystal clear complexion that requires minimal makeup.

3. Plump Up

By stimulating collagen production and synthesis, this treatment also offers hydrating and skin plumping benefits. Hollow cheeks are filled out, and skin achieves a dewy translucence and youthful glow.

Sparkling Skin Program is $4,815 for six sessions of SmartX Lite, three sessions of LED Red Photomodulation and six sessions of Radiance Gel wraps. Available at The Sloane Clinic, #03-14A ION Orchard, Tel: 6509 8108. For more information, visit

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