Spa Awards
Photographed by Antoine Verglas

Best Hot Stone Massage
Stone Therapy, from $159 for 60 minutes, Spa Retreat @ One Farrer Hotel & Spa
The highlight of this take on the time-tested ritual, inspired by ancient healing methods, pairs aromatherapy oils with the restorative properties of the stones to bring about total relaxation for your mind and body. Visit

Best Thai Massage
Thai Massage, from $94.16 for 60 minutes, Yunomori Onsen and Spa
If you are a fan of deep muscle work, look no further than this deeply restorative therapy. Comprising of pressure point massage and extensive stretching, it provides instant relief to aches and tension while improving circulation and joint mobility. Visit

Best Foot Massage
Royal Meridian Foot and Back Therapy, $222.56 for 120 minutes, The Luxe House
Aimed at boosting overall health, this begins with a herbal foot bath to aid detox. An acupressure foot massage ensues, followed by foot cupping and a hot stone treatment on the body’s meridian points to stimulate energy flow in the body. Visit

Best Innovative Massage
AWAY Signature Massage, $250++ for 90 minutes, AWAY Spa @ W Singapore
This full-body massage is designed for party-goers looking to detox and rebalance their bodies and minds. It includes soothing strokes to relieve stress and promote toxin elimination through a unique concoction of massage oils that have been specially blended by the in-house spa mixologist. Visit

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Best Anti-Aches Massage
Muscle Ease, from $200 for 60 minutes, Heavenly Spa by Westin
For a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Central Business District, opt for the Muscle Ease massage. It is ideal for those plagued with chronic aches as it loosens tight knots and releases tension. Visit

Best Organic Massage
Auriga Signature Massage, from $180++ for 60 minutes, Auriga Spa
Harnessing the benefits of The Organic Pharmacy’s nutrient-rich products, this customisable massage addresses each guest’s mood, body condition and state of mind for a deeply restorative experience that uplifts your mind and re-centres your body. Visit

Best Traditional Remedy Massage
TCM Qi Meridian Wellness Therapy, $385.20 for 60 minutes, Elements Wellness
This healing massage based on traditional Chinese medicine principles utilises the Meridian Point Health Analyzer, a special device that maps out the meridian points on your body. It also identifies the acupoints that are imbalanced or blocked, so your therapist is able to accurately work on the affected zones to restore vitality. Visit

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Best Body Healing Ritual
Thai Herbal Heat Compress, $88 for 30 minutes, Ayuthaya the Royal Thai Spa
Heated pouches containing Thai herbs are firmly pressed onto areas that are prone to aches and stiffness to relax the muscles and draw out impurities. At the same time, ingredients like camphor and menthol also help alleviate nasal congestion for a revitalised body and mind. Visit

Best Body-Shaping Treatment
Stubborn Curves Solution, $185 for 60 minutes, Clarins Skin Spa
For a gentle yet hard-hitting solution to target wobbly bits, this is your best bet. Focusing on areas like the abdomen, hips and upper arms, your therapist expertly kneads away to help break up fat tissues, alleviate water retention and delay the accumulation of fats. At the end of the session, your therapist will recommend a home-care regime for long-term maintenance. Visit

Best Body Wrap
OxyAromatic Seaweed Wrap, $185++ for 90 minutes, ESTHEVA
To optimise the results of the mineral-rich body wrap, your therapist first performs a revitalising massage to kickstart sluggish circulation before you’re tucked in a cocoon of detoxifying deep-sea nutrients. Expect to emerge feeling deeply rejuvenated. Visit

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Best Therapeutic Treatment
Nerve Awakening Tui Na, $268 for 90 minutes, Life Infinity
Marrying Traditional Chinese Medicine know-how with the use of new-age infrared waves for a synergistic effect, you’ll feel instantly revitalised as circulation is improved and aches are relieved. Visit

Best Invigorating Massage
Energising & Fortifying Equilibrium, $162++ for 75 minutes, ESTHEVA
Aside from the expertly executed long, firm strokes, it’s the massage oil blend that makes all the difference. Specially concocted with lemon, frankincense, rosemary and eucalyptus, the massage effectively erases stress and uplifts the mind. Visit

Best Quick-Fix Massage
Calm Mind, $150++ for 45 minutes, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental
This efficient treatment is designed to breathe new life into weary souls by focusing on the back, shoulders, neck and head to instantly calm and recharge—making it perfect for time-strapped business executives. Visit

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Best All-in-One Pampering Treatment
Indulgence Treatment, $260++ for 120 minutes, Heavenly Spa by Westin
After a welcome foot ritual, your therapist performs the Aromatic Bliss Body Massage, kneading away kinks and knots before a quick detox facial and hand mask conclude the utterly lavish, all-inclusive treat. Visit

Best Aromatherapy Massage
Aroma Ku Nye, from $160++ for 60 minutes, AWAY Spa @ W Singapore
Featuring Tibetan-inspired rubbing, kneading and stroking massage techniques, this balancing treatment also uses a host of five essential oils, including argan and lavender, to soften skin and calm your senses. Visit

Best Firming Massage
Collagen Firming Body Massage, $192.60 for 60 minutes, Spa Symphony
This multi-benefits massage improves chronic aches and tension while smoothing and toning skin by combining deep tissue techniques with a collagen-rich concentrate cream. Visit

Best Jet Lag Recovery
Néroli & Orchidée Scrub and Massage, from $270 for 90 minutes, Four Seasons Spa & L’Occitane
Available exclusively in Singapore, this balancing ritual features products from L’Occitane’s exquisitely scented Néroli and Orchidée range. Beginning with a renewing body scrub to soften skin, a soothing massage follows to help rebalance an out-of-sync mind. Visit

Best Drainage Massage
Body Wellness, $330 for 120 minutes, Chi, The Spa at Shangri-La Singapore
A combination of dry body brushing and a full-body massage focusing on the lymph nodes helps eliminate toxins, reduce water retention and boost blood circulation. Visit

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Best Anti-Cellulite Treatment
CACI Away Cellulite, from $85.60 for 30 minutes, SWUK Aesthetics
This unique therapy features the CACI Electro Cellulite Massager, which has 24 rollers so it adjusts to the contours of the body and mimics the kneading and pinching technique in conventional detox massages. At the same time, a microcurrent is applied to targeted areas via these rollers, helping to break up fat deposits and speed up the process of detoxification for firmer skin. Visit

Best Zen Experience
Five Elements Ritual, $350++ for 180 minutes, So SPA by Sofitel
Drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese practices, this restorative treatment consists of a warm foot soak, clay body wrap, Vichy shower, heated bamboo massage and a breathing exercise to bring about total relaxation and enhance mental clarity. Visit

Best Body Detox
Acu-Contour, $219 for 90 minutes, Asian Wellness Spa @ One Farrer Hotel & Spa
Taking on a double-pronged approach, an acupuncture session precedes a kneading massage to curb appetite, increase metabolism and loosen fat tissues for safe and sustainable weight management. Visit

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Best Deep Tissue Massage
Lush Equestrian, $175 for 90 minutes, Lush Spa
This strong-pressure massage, consisting of mainly long and firm strokes, focuses on the back and hips, areas that are prone to tension and fatigue. It ends off with deep stretching to strengthen muscle tone and improve flexibility. Visit

Best Mum-to-Be Massage
Mummy Time-Out, $310++ for 120 minutes, So SPA by Sofitel
Specially designed for expecting women, your dedicated therapist not only focuses on areas prone to aches, but also pays special attention to ensure your utmost comfort. Be it an extra pillow here or an anti-slip mat there, expect to be coddled endlessly. Visit

By Joyce Cheo