Photographed by Antoine Verglas

Best Maintenance Facial
Essential Facial Plus, $268 for 90 minutes, DRx Medispa
Suitable for all skin types, this combines high-tech devices with a soothing massage to deliver a clearer, re-energised complexion. After cleansing and exfoliation, your skin is purified with a manual extraction. Next, an array of solutions and serums is infused into skin using an ultrasonic device before a customised mask seals in moisture for improved hydration and clarity. Visit

Best Youth-Boosting Facial
Advanced Youth Booster, $268 for 90 minutes, Bellezza Aesthetics
Heavy focus is placed on the Bellezza-exclusive Face Lift Detox Massage, which uses Asian techniques to stimulate lymph nodes to speed up detoxification and reduce puffiness. Combined with the nano-collagen infusion and a collagen mask, your skin looks smoother and more well-defined. Visit

Best Instant Results Facial
ESPA Personalised Facial, $380++ for 90 minutes, Damai Spa at Grand Hyatt
Book yourself this facial for a quick pick-me-up. Customisable to your skincare concerns every step of the way, it combines the celebrity-lauded Intraceuticals oxygen infusion technology with ESPA’s results-driven products for unparalleled luxury and efficacy. Fine lines and wrinkles are plumped, while skin looks more luminous and feels utterly soft to the touch. Visit

Best Antioxidant Facial
Antioxidant C-Plus Skin Treatment, $520 for 90 minutes, Touche Elite
To begin, your therapist conducts a skin diagnosis to better understand the condition of your skin. Next, your skin is fed with a slew of potent antioxidants derived from camu camu, acai berry and guarana, which help to regulate melanin proliferation and strengthen its defence against external aggressors like UV rays and pollution. The result? A dull complexion makes way instantly for radiant, revitalised skin. Visit

Best Pre-Party Prep Facial
Radium Red Carpet, $308 for 90 minutes, Radium Medical Aesthetics
Designed to get your skin in tip-top condition in just one session, this combines cosmeceutical-grade products and aesthetics technology, such as a gentle microdermabrasion, vitamin infusion, microcurrent, LED therapy and radiofrequency waves. Expect nothing short of attentive service, expert advice and an enviable glow as you get yourself ready for a big night out. Visit

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Best Caviar Facial
Skin Caviar Lift Facial, $260 for 90 minutes, La Prairie
This firming facial features the extensive Caviar Facelift Massage and is complemented by the brand’s Skin Caviar range to provide skin with much-needed nourishment. Comprising acupressure techniques and ayurvedic influences, energy flow is boosted so skin looks plumper while giving off a well-rested glow. Available at all La Prairie counters

Best Anti-Ageing Facial
Notox Facial, $480 for 90 minutes, Freia Aesthetics
This non-invasive facial mimics the effects of Botox by using the revolutionary peptide, Argireline. When applied onto the skin, this unique peptide inhibits muscle contractions temporarily. This means that those pesky fine lines and wrinkles that become more pronounced every time you smile are erased. That’s not all—your skin is also treated to a blend of customised serums so you step out with smoother, suppler skin. Visit

Best Pampering Eye Treatment
Atlas Korean Beautiful Eyes Premium Therapy, $190 for 30 minutes, Atlas Medispa
Influenced by the Korean art of beauty and skincare, this soothing treatment incorporates traditional Korean massage techniques with the latest in medical-grade technology from Korea. Each session tightens loose skin around the delicate eye area while providing instant relief to overworked eyes. Visit

Best Hydrating Facial
Menard Lisciare Hydrating Facial, $210 for 90 minutes, Ikeda Spa
This facial aims to improve hydration levels, making it indispensable for dull and rough skin types. Incorporating the Lisciare range from Japanese skincare brand, Menard, these products are rich in oriental plant extracts to provide moisture and enhance skin elasticity. Plus, the products are also extremely lightweight in texture and non-comedogenic, making this perfect even for those with clogged pores. Visit

Best Calming Facial for Sensitive Skin
Natura Bissé Ceutical Skin Comfort, $642 for 90 minutes, Spa Rael
Those prone to flare-ups know the drill: Stick to gentle skincare products, avoid harsh exfoliators and stay out of the sun. What if there was a way for you to break all those rules? Start by forming a protective armour around your skin so it can handle whatever comes its way. This conditioning treatment is packed with soothing and calming ingredients to reduce redness and provide instant relief to irritated skin. It is also rich in botanical ingredients that help strengthen skin’s barrier function, enabling it to fend off particles that might cause inflammation. Visit

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Best Firming Facial
Deep Care Proionic Facial, $478 for 90 minutes, J’s Medispa
Combining modern aesthetic technology with pharmaceutical-grade products, this gravity-defying facial is designed to counter skin laxity and wrinkles through the use of dermatologist-approved SkinCeuticals products, which are formulated with optimal concentrations of ingredients clinically proven to be effective in staving off signs of ageing. When used with radiofrequency, facial muscles are also toned, lines are smoothened and skin is strengthened for firmer, more sculpted facial contours. Visit

Best Deep-Cleansing Facial
OSEA Dynamic Pore Clearing Facial, from $180 for 90 minutes, Pure Tincture Organic Beauty
Aimed at sensitive, congestion-prone skin, this uses gentle yet efficacious products from organic brand, OSEA, which is rich in marine-based minerals and vitamins to purify and calm problem skin. A meticulous extraction is also included to further unclog pores before a selection of antioxidant-enriched products are applied to restore skin’s pH levels to that of healthy skin. Visit

Best Instant Results Eye Treatment
V-freeze PEMFT (For Dark Eye Circles), $321 for 45 minutes, d’skin
Targeting dark circles that arise from insufficient rest and poor circulation, this energising eye treatment combines radiofrequency waves and microcurrent to support collagen production, as well as improve cellular energy and microcirculation for an instant reviving effect. Visit

Best Shaping Facial
SOTHYS Perfect Shape V-Line Treatment, $150 for 45 minutes, Beauty@Genesis
Your therapist first performs the SOTHYS Specific Perfect Shape Movements, which help lift and firm the facial contours while targeting the jawline, chin, neck and décolleté. A face mask formulated with oat extract is then applied to lock in moisture, support collagen synthesis and improve skin density. Then, a second mask rich in proteins follows to protect existing collagen from breaking down and also
form a firming veil over skin for a visibly redefined jawline. Visit

Best Luxurious Facial
Sublimage Ultimate Regenerating Treatment, $250 for 90 minutes, Espace Beauté Chanel
Never expect anything less than perfection at Chanel. Spacious and lavishly decorated, Chanel’s facial cabin provides an inviting setting for total relaxation. This regenerating ritual involves precise massage techniques to awaken the senses while the age-defying Sublimage products work their magic for the ultimate rejuvenation. Other special touches include a jasmine massage oil and Sublimage candle that set the stage for unrivalled luxury. Available at Seviin @ Tangs

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Best Skin-Healing Facial
Works Better Than Miracle Pure Serum Mist Healing Infusion, $188 for 45 minutes, Skin Inc Institute
Harnessing the skin-repairing benefits of Japanese Onsen thermal water and the renewal properties of blue LED light, this fast-acting treatment is ideal for resuscitating skin that’s been overexposed to the sun. Excessive contact with UV also causes dehydration and thermal damage; which is why the Onsen thermal water is first misted onto skin liberally to raise moisture levels. Next, the Blue LED Anti-Pore Power Fix Mask stimulates intense regeneration at a cellular level to keep redness at bay. Visit

Best Restorative Facial
Dior Prestige Regenerating Ceremonial with La Cure, $330 for 120 minutes, Dior Institut
Feel your tension melt away as you enjoy the sumptuous textures of the luxurious Dior Prestige products used. First, you are pampered with an extensive opening back massage to relieve ache and stress. Then, your skin is cocooned and cossetted with an elaborate regime that ends with a deeply nourishing mask. You’ll emerge not only with a renewed mien but also a rejuvenated person, inside out. Available at #B2-26 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Best Skin Rejuvenator
Atlas Korean Vita C Hydrolightening Therapy, $380 for 90 minutes, Atlas Medispa
Who doesn’t love that lit-from-within glow sported by so many Korean celebrities? Designed to help women achieve a youthful glow, this facial features a medical-grade vitamin C that’s been given the stamp of approval from leading Korean labs in its potent infusion to keep melanin at bay and support cell regeneration. This infusion also contains hyaluronic acid for a plump and dewy complexion. Visit

Best Relaxing Facial
Tremella Hydrate, $267.50 for 60 minutes, The Ultimate Resort Spa
At the centre of this nurturing treatment is the Tremella Polyssacharide. It not only delivers intense hydration deep into the layers of skin, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which can help calm breakouts and sensitive-prone skin. Coupled with the spa’s resort-like setting and your therapist’s soothing touch, you’ll be lulled into a restful slumber in no time. Visit

Best Revitalising Facial
Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Treatment, $250 for 90 minutes, Aldha The Wellness Institute
Treat your skin to this invigorating fix. Featuring the signature Dr. Hauschka Lymph Drainage Method, your therapist stimulates your lymph nodes through a sequence of fine brush strokes and gentle hand movements. This promotes energy flow, enhances blood circulation, and normalises skin’s detoxification and regeneration processes, bringing about an enviable, rosy glow. Visit

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Best Spot-Busting Facial
Natura Bissé Diamond Whitening System, $513.60 for 60 minutes, ADEVA Spa
This specialised facial targets stubborn clusters of melanin to achieve an even-toned complexion. Using Natura Bissé’s high-performance Diamond White products, your skin receives a concentrated dose of high-tech molecules via a unique delivery system so that they reach exactly where they’re required. Paired with highly specific application and massage techniques, your skin tone looks more even and uniform. Visit

Best Brightening Facial
La Mer Custom Facial Intense – Whitening, $250 for 75 minutes, La Mer Cabine
Stepping into the La Mer cabin immediately takes you away to a far-off respite, thanks to the soothing sounds of ocean waves. Naturally, La Mer facials focus on its coveted Miracle Broth, which is harvested from deep sea kelp to help speed up cellular renewal. A series of custom massage techniques and treatment sequences transport you into a state of bliss and boost skin radiance for a luminous glow. Visit

Best Skin-Renewing Facial
Illuminate Facial, $406.60 for 75 minutes, Porcelain Aesthetics
Targeting dull and rough skin, this age-reversing facial purifies, replenishes and nourishes skin. Highlights include a wine-derived peel to lift dead skin cells and infuse skin with antioxidants, a specially devised drainage massage to stimulate toxin removal and oxygen therapy to help boost the penetration of hydrating ingredients so you emerge with plumped, baby-soft skin. Visit

Best Aromatherapy Facial
Aroma Expert Treatment – Hydra Floral, $220 for 90 minutes, Decléor Institut
Based on the healing benefits of aromatherapy, Decléor products are formulated with essential oils that nourish skin while calming the senses. Featuring luxurious, professional formulas that are rich in fruit extracts and neroli essential oil, this comforting treatment delivers deep moisturisation to dehydrated skin and includes a back, hand and face massage. Visit

Best Clarifying Facial
SK-II Aqua Pure Facial, $260 for 90 minutes, SK-II Boutique Spa
This powerful cleansing treatment remains gentle even to sensitive skin, thanks to the use of a vacuum suction and exfoliating acids instead of harsh scrubs and peels. Designed to thoroughly rid skin of accumulated dead skin cells, grime and comedones, acne-causing bacteria is kept at bay and cellular renewal is boosted. Factor in your therapist’s expertly trained touch, a customised regime of SK-II products suited to your skin type and the luxurious treatment bed, and it’s a given that you will find yourself fast asleep—before emerging with soft and smooth skin. Visit

By Joyce Cheo