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Best Hydrating Facial: Cryolift Correct Hydra Therapy, $210 for 75 minutes, ART by Verita

Your therapist begins with a thorough cleansing and gentle exfoliation before proceeding to the highlight of this treatment: A cryotherapy probe is used to cool the skin’s temperature while ART’s proprietary Hydra Cryo-Serum is applied to maximise absorption. A relaxing facial massage follows before the Hyaluronic Youth Mask is applied to seal in moisture for instantly plumper and smoother


Best Antioxidant Facial: Porcelain Illuminate, $425.86 for 75 minutes, Porcelain Face Spa

At the heart of this treatment is the Grape Wine Peel, which gently softens and eliminates dead skin cells while feeding skin with wine-derived polyphenols to defend against free radical damage. When combined with the lymphatic drainage method, oxygen therapy and Porcelain’s Hydrocare Biocellulose Mask, it promises visibly improved skin tone for skin that glows.


Best Brightening Facial: Snowise Brightening Treatment, $240 for 80 minutes, Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge

Before your facial even commences, enjoy a foot bath and foot scrub made of ginseng extract as you sip on Sulwhasoo’s specially blended herbal tea. In addition to the usual facial steps like cleansing, exfoliating and mask application, what sets this apart is the extensive facial massage performed using special white jade tools. Shaped like half-moons, they improve microcirculation to energise and brighten skin. Also expect a neck, shoulders and arm massage so you emerge looking and feeling revitalised.


Best Strengthening Facial for Sensitive Skin: SensiVital Plus, $250 for 90 minutes, Caring Skin

Did you know that sensitive skin tends to have a compromised moisture barrier? This explains why sensitive skin feels dry and tight easily and becomes more susceptible to irritation as it is less able to keep harmful particles out. Devised to reinforce skin’s barrier function, this ultra-repairing facial uses only plant-based ingredients to replenish skin with essential fatty acids and oxygen for healthier, more resilient skin.


Best Soothing Facial: IDS Cryo Therapeutics Treatment, $220 for 45 minutes, IDS Clinic

Specially developed by the team of experienced doctors at IDS Clinic, this calming treatment is for anyone battling skin that is prone to redness, itchiness or dryness. Cryotherapy is employed to provide instant relief to irritated skin while a slew of vitamins and serums are applied to restore skin’s moisture level and speed up cellular repair.


Best Deep-Cleansing Facial: IDS Hydro Therapeutics Treatment, $198 for about 60 minutes, IDS Clinic

Ideal for maintenance, this power-packed facial thoroughly rids pores of sebum and grime. Using the Hydrafacial device, a jet stream is directed onto the skin while a minor suction is applied to soften and eliminate dead skin cells. Ultrasonic cleansing technology then follows to remove comedones, before a vitamin C essence is applied using micro-current technology to increase absorption.


Best Clarifying Facial: SK-II Skin Clarity Facial, $260 for 90 minutes, SK-II Boutique Spa

If you’re frequently plagued with clogged pores and breakouts, this treatment is your best bet. Thanks to the Aqua Clean machine, skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated without the use of any rough and abrasive particles that can further irritate blemished skin. Couple that with SK-II Boutique Spa’s plush bed and unparalleled customer service, and you know you’re in for a treat.


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Best Aromatherapy Facial: Empyrean Aromatherapy Facial, $288+ for 70 minutes, Vedure Face, Body & Nail Medispa

An indulgent treat to your senses, this deeply relaxing treatment uses organic botanical oils to enhance the efficacy of its unique massage steps. Enjoy an extensive face, shoulders and scalp massage comprising of drainage and firming techniques as your therapist combines a pressure point massage, gliding strokes and gentle kneading motions that are sure to soothe your mind and lull
you to sleep.


Best Revitalising Facial: Dior Prestige Regenerating Ceremonial, $250 for 90 minutes, Dior Institut

Beginning with a back massage, your therapist performs a series of Dior-exclusive gestures targeted at the shoulder blades to soothe muscle tension and improve mobility. A series of carefully-designed steps ensue, using the ultra-luxe Dior Prestige products to pamper the skin, strengthening and firming it for a never-before-seen vitality and glow.

Available at Parfums Christian Dior at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Best Youth-Boosting Facial: Youth Activating Treatment, $150 for 60 minutes or $220 for 90 minutes, Lancôme Beauty Institute

Promising to awaken skin’s innate ability to regenerate itself, this facial uses the brand’s Génefique Youth Activator to combat major signs of ageing like roughness, lines and dullness. Ultrasound technology is incorporated to improve cell metabolism and optimise cellular activity for younger-looking skin.

Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza

Best Anti-Blemish Facial: Acne Care, $198 for 90 minutes, Yakson Singapore

Steeped in Korean skincare know-how, Yakson’s zit-busting facial targets breakouts by focusing on stimulating lymph nodes to speed up the process of detoxification. An expertly-trained therapist will perform an upper body massage to help the body flush out toxins while using vitamin C products to speed up healing and reduce the appearance of scarring.


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Best Skin-Healing Facial: Red Carpet Facial, $380 for 90 minutes, Freia Aesthetics

Combining the restorative benefits of oxygen and hyaluronic acid, this treatment calms and plumps skin. Pressurised oxygen is infused into skin via the Intraceuticals device while your skin is bathed in SkinCeuticals products that are rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.


Best Nourishing Facial: Ascorbic Action, $150 for 60 minutes or $180 for 75 minutes, Aesop Facial Appointment

This replenishing facial is carefully orchestrated to ensure maximum efficacy. As your skin is doused in concentrated doses of vitamins C and E, your therapist executes rhythmic strokes to aid skin’s absorption of the salves applied, while the products’ expertly crafted scents invigorate your senses for a truly holistic experience.


Best Pampering Eye Treatment: Eye Intense, $214 for 30 minutes, Privé Aesthetics

Designed to revitalise tired-looking eyes, this unique treatment improves circulation and strengthens skin for brighter, smoother and firmer eyes.


Best Firming Facial: Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Treatment, $260 for 80 minutes, Sulwhasoo Beauty Lounge

Based on the Korean philosophy that ageing occurs when the yin and yang energies in our body are out of sync, this uplifting treatment helps restore balance for optimal skin health. Next, a facial massage is executed with the sumptuous Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream using jade applicators so skin reaps the anti-ageing benefits of ginseng extract.


Best Shaping Facial: Small Face Care, $258 for about 120 minutes, Yakson Singapore

At the heart of this face-shaping treatment is the Golki Therapy, a wellness and aesthetics approach that is supported by scientific research conducted by Seoul National University. A series of highly specialised massage techniques are applied to improve circulation and reduce water retention, so your face regains its original, symmetrical shape with visibly slimmer facial contours.


Best Pre-Party Prep Facial: Radium Red Carpet Medi-spa Facial, $308+ for 90 minutes, Radium Medical Aesthetics

As its name suggests, this is an all-encompassing treatment that cleanses, brightens and lifts skin in time for any big event. To begin, skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated to boost the penetration of active ingredients that will be applied. A cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants is then infused into skin before a series of light therapies and radiofrequency waves is administered to deeply rejuvenate for smoother, brighter skin.


Best Instant Results Facial: BB Dewy Shine Face Therapy, $350 for 45 minutes, Estetica

Just like a semi-permanent makeup session, tinted ampoules of healing salves are imbued into skin using a painless Micro Needle Therapy System. Fortified with healing ingredients, they help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, dark eye circles, pigmentation and scars to improve skin tone instantly.


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Best Anti-Ageing Facial: La Mer Miracle Broth Facial, $480 for 90 minutes, The Ritz-Carlton Spa

If you haven’t tried La Mer’s products, why not get a sampling through this intensely age-defying facial? Featuring bespoke massage techniques that are exclusive to La Mer, this also features a pure infusion of the brand’s coveted Miracle Broth (available only at Spa de la Mer locations) to impart skin with a newfound firmness and radiance. Consider yourself a convert.


Best Line-Reducing Facial: Glow Mira-Lift, $1,288 for 120 minutes, DrSpa

Combining radio frequency, gold-plated derma-channelling and ionwave, DrSpa’s signature treatment accelerates collagen synthesis and kick-starts sluggish cellular activity. Concentrated hyaluronic acid is also infused into skin for an inside-out firming and plumping effect.


Best All-In-One Facial: JYUNKA V Ultimate Treatment, $380 for 90 minutes, Jyunka Concept Center

This facial corrects multiple signs of ageing, thanks to the application of ultrasonic cleansing, radio frequency, electroporation, cryotherapy and low-level laser. The result? Collagen production is stimulated, hydration levels are increased and irritation is soothed for visibly smoother and brighter skin.


Best Skin Rejuvenator: Regenerating Facial, $243.96 for 75 minutes, Aramsa The Garden Spa

Great as a maintenance facial, this facial uses glycolic acid and lactic acid in tandem to eliminate dead skin cells and rebuild supportive tissues beneath the skin’s surface for smoother, firmer and brighter skin.


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Best Instant Results Eye Treatment: Eye Depuffer Laser, $128 for 20 minutes, NOVU Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Bid farewell to puffy eyes as a gentle laser is used to break down fatty deposits in eye bags and encourage collagen and elastin synthesis. Special eye mask-like strips are then applied so that your eye contours appear firmer and feel tightened.


Best Luxurious Facial: Sublimage Ultimate Regenerating Treatment, $250 for 90 minutes, Espace Beauté Chanel

Embark on a sensorial journey with Chanel’s opulent facial, which uses its finest Sublimage range of products. By employing Chanel’s precise massage techniques, skin is purified, smoothed and energised. An express makeup service is also included but chances are, you won’t need it as you’ll be dying to flaunt your bare skin.

Available at TANGS at Tang Plaza

Best Caviar Facial: JUVENA The MasterCaviar Treatment, $388 for 120 minutes, Le Facialle International

The highlight of this facial revolves around Swiss brand, JUVENA’s MasterCaviar range. It features the SkinNova SC Technology, which creates an ideal environment to activate dormant stem cells to speed up cellular repair. In addition, crystal ball massages are incorporated to calm inflammation and stimulate skin tissue for optimal absorption of active ingredients.


Best Organic Facial: Herbal Marine Facial Treatment, $240 for 90 minutes, Jurlique Nature’s Spa

Jurlique is one of the few skincare brands to cultivate their own herbs and flowers, using biodynamic farming methods to ensure maximum potency and minimum pollution in their raw ingredients. Let your skin soak up the goodness of blue algae, ginseng root extract, aloe and other antioxidant-rich botanicals to fend off environmental damage for healthier, glowing skin.


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