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Imagine being able to skip all those contour-and-highlight steps, and still have a sculpted mien from the moment you wake up. That’s exactly what DrSpa®‘s Needleless Threadlift promises. Not only does this non-invasive treatment make your skin look more lifted, firmer and tighter with further defined facial contours, it dramatically improves hydration levels too. Your skin is also strengthened to retain these optimum moisture levels for up to 28 days, which in turn fully restores regenerative systems to boost efficient collagen and elastin production from within in the long run.


The two-hour treatment combines the use of DermaThreads to decongest, lift and tighten skin; and advanced DermoJet PRO+ Technology to effectively deliver concentrated active ingredients via a high pressure jet. Liquid Lift—a proprietary concoction of DrGL® Moisture+ mixed with premium pure hyaluronic acid actives, silk protein and powerful peptides—is infused into the skin for deep hydration, and to boost cellular renewal and microcirculation.


Aside from lifting and firming your features, this painless facial is also the perfect skin-overhaul treatment as it covers all grounds to intensely rejuvenate dull and mature skin, leaving you looking, and feeling, fresher and younger after just one session.

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Needleless Threadlift is $688 per session. Available at DrSpa®, #03-04 Palais Renaissance, Tel: 6738 8441; Level 4 TANGS at Tang Plaza, Tel: 6734 9885; #01-02 TQL Suites, Tel: 6238 0500; #B1-07 orchardgateway, Tel: 6221 6612. For more information, visit*

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