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It’s not every day you find a treatment that works to give you a youthful complexion on all counts. Something uncomplicated that involves no blood, no needles, no threads, no numbing cream, no lasers, no tears, and even no pain. That’s what Calvin Chan Aesthetics’ NeoGen Plasma Facelift is all about.

The deep tissue remodelling treatment looks to tighten saggy skin; treat and reduce acne, scarring and pigmentation; and shrink enlarged pores, on top of alleviating the look of wrinkles on every part of the face—even the delicate area around the eyes. Utilising heat energy generated from the conversion of nitrogen gas, the NeoGen Plasma Facelift sends pulses of plasma energy  to treat the skin at two levels; first to resurface the skin without hurting the top layer, and second, going deep inside the skin,heating it up to boost collagen synthesis and treat sun-damaged skin cells.

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Calvin Chan Aesthetics

You can expect to see smoother and tighter skin after the session, and your complexion will  continue  to  improve for up to seven days. On top of that, unlike some lasers, plasma energy doesn’t react to  melanin,  making it  an ideal, safe and comfortable treatment for all skin types and skin tones.

Neogen Plasma Facelift is $400 per session. Available at Calvin Chan Aesthetics, #04-07A Wheelock Place, Tel: 6732 7881. For more information, visit

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