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Whether you are in the prime of your youth, middle age or into your golden years, there is no denying that good skincare treatment is essential. After all, your face is your fortune. This is why keeping your complexion in tip-top condition should be on the top of your priority list, no matter which stage of life you are at. 

The speed at which your skin deteriorates depends on various factors—lifestyle, health, and the environment. Despite the inevitable changes that come with age, technological advancements in skincare science such as AsterSpring’s Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy can help keep your skin firm and supple.

Plant Power

Harnessing the power of plant stem cell therapy, this high-performance anti-ageing facial treatment targets the connective tissues in both the inner and outer layers of your skin. The reparative healing goes way beyond the surface to naturally lift your skin and stave off the signs of premature ageing.

Using two serum applications (the Plant-derived Stem Cell serum and concentrate), these formulas contain biologically active ingredients to help regenerate tissues and restore your skin’s health. Argan tree stem cells stimulate cell renewal and boost the production of elastin and collagen while the white horehound stem cells—an antioxidant which is twice as powerful as vitamin C—activates dormant cells and encourages the detoxification process. 

Ageless Beauty

The secret to maintaining a healthy and youthful-looking complexion lies in the intensive, high-performance Duo Phyto Stem Cell Therapy, which works to remodel the skin by repairing collagen. Users who did the treatment reported firmer and more lifted contours, a smoother complexion with fewer lines and wrinkles, and improved skin hydration.

Non-surgical and non-invasive, this targeted treatment is recommended twice a month. By regularly strengthening and rebuilding sagging skin, you can keep your complexion smooth and taut so no one will be the wiser when it comes to your age. 

The Duo Phyto Stem Cell Treatment ($380 for 60 minutes, $139 for first-time customers) is available at all AsterSpring centres islandwide. Visit, or WhatsApp +65 9118 5202 to make an appointment.

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