Battling bouts of acne, brown spots or pesky pimples? Or fretting about freckles and unsightly sunspots? If your skin is feeling rough and uneven, and hyperpigmentation is causing you grief, it may be time to get a little help from your friends at SL Aesthetic Clinic.

The PicoCare Laser—a high-tech skincare treatment—is the latest buzz in aesthetic medicine. Approved by the US-FDA, this picosecond laser—developed by WonTech, a leading medical laser manufacturer in Korea—has been proven to effectively treat skin pigmentation, tighten pores and fade acne scars. Besides its ability to refine skin texture, it also had the added advantage of versatility—being able to treat a wide range of pigmentation concerns from dark spots, melasma, and even tattoos.

Making Waves And Shattering Spots

The name “Pico” actually refers to picosecond, which is 1/1000 of a nanosecond, or one trillionth of a second. The PicoCare Laser is fired with a very short pulse duration—in ultra-short 450 picoseconds. That’s even faster than conventional Q-switched lasers, which happens only in nanoseconds. 

Equipped with six handpieces, this versatile non-ablative laser is designed to treat a wide range of skin conditions—from epidermal (superficial) pigmentation such as age spots, freckles and sunspots to dermal (deeper) pigmentation such as melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and tattoos. It can also even out skin tone, tackle atrophic acne scars and treat inflammatory acne or rosacea.

Its photo-acoustic effect (the formation of sound waves following light absorption) means that the PicoCare Laser can shatter pigmentation into much smaller fragments that are then easily expelled by the body. Thanks to its substantially shorter pulse duration, the PicoCare Laser also has less of a photo-thermal effect, which means there is less heat generated that may adversely affect surrounding skin tissues.

Customised Care

Unlike other no-frills laser treatments that rely on a standardised setting, the professionals at SL Aesthetic Clinic understand that every customer’s skin composition is unique, so each treatment is customized according to individual needs. 

Thanks to its increased efficiency and minimal downtime, the PicoCare Laser can remove pigmentation with fewer treatments, compared to other laser systems that may take more time. Most PicoCare Laser treatments last for about 12 to 15 minutes and can be done once every three to four weeks. 

Pico Laser treatment (from $250 per session) is available at SL Aesthetic Clinic – Wheelock Place #04-04, Plaza Singapura #04-08B, Tampines 1 #04-30/32, and Junction 8 #04-02B/C. WhatsApp 9850 7112 for an appointment.

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